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Name/Version: ParaMorpher Remote 1.5
Author: GlintEye  
Description: Update 1.5

Added a little "Hidden Feature". If you switch into the Morph Tab (with the big "Morpher" Dial) and then set the "From" Value to 0, you'll get a new mode which will save whatever parameter changes happened, immedeiately into a "Preset 0" which can be instantely morphed into another Preset, designated in the "To" Box.

There are to different Modes to deal with the Reset of the Morpher Dial Position, so you can instantly morph from a new current position.

Jump Mode snaps the Morpher Dial directly back to 0 (good for endless encoders) and Takeover Mode which Only Outputs Morpher Dial Movement once it has been manually reset to 0 by hand (good for regular controller knobs).

To Reset the Morpher Dial, Midi map the "Init" Button and Fire it once you've got a setting of parameters you like to morph.

This Mode is considered to be mainly used for live purposes. The "Preset 0" state will not be saved with the Live Set.


Update 1.1:

- Fixed an Issue with the Parameter Takeover

Morph 16 Parameters of your choice. Blend seamlessly between 4 different Presets of these Parameter Configurations or access curved morphing with a different curve setting for each parameter to skew your morph between 2 presets.

Shift + Click on the 4x4 Button Matrix to save a Preset

- 16 Presets
- 16 Macros
- View Original Parameter Values inside the Device [Thx to Vayner]
- Bypass any Macro from the Morphing process
- Automapping (just click in succession on the Parameters you want to map) [Thx to Vayner]
- 32 sets of mapped parameters [Thx to Vayner]
- XY Morph between 4 Presets of your choice
- Dials are taken over from Live and can be Automated from within the Device
- Customize the Range and add some Curve to your mapping

Big Thx towards Vayner

This M4L device is based on Vayners "Sixteen Macros" patch

Have fun.

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Downloads: 224
Tags lfo, utility
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: May 19 2020 08:03:41
Date Last Updated: May 30 2020 22:17:43
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Device Type: audio_device
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Device File: ParaMorpher Remote.amxd

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