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Endless Encoder Example Version 1.0
Tempo LED Feedback Version 1.0

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You can make this work with all 16 of Live 11's macros by simply modifying the number box to display up to 16. (also need to resize it slightly so can display double digits.)

Hi Jack,

I have tried the device out and it works great. However occasionally when I reload the project the mappings break. The mapped label still remains however the link is broken and it no longer controls that parameter.

Annoyingly I can't work out what causes this, any idea what could break the mappings?

(Running Live 11.0.11)



sorry ignore me, this behaviour only occurs when there is no active audio device for some reason

Hi when i use the non remote version and map a knob. I can turn the knob in paramorph and the mapped parameter updates. (turns with it)

However with this remote version when i map a control and turn the paramorph knob the device parameter stays locked and doesn't update?

I'm running live 11.05

Many thanks for your awesome work!