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damn, this is a dream device but it is extremely buggy and barely works. bummer.

Pretty cool device, wish 100% was actually 100% chance though.

doesn't work anymore ableton 11

doesn't seem to work anymore w Live 11

seems to be borken now :(

Does what I want real well but sometimes just stops working for no reason which is a bummer for workflow.

Oh I see, sorry, they only affect it when set to II mode.. but the original you can have it play the pattern every 4th bar or so. Did you remove this functionality?

sorry I meant step division? the 1,2,3,4 grey buttons dont seem to affect anything

I love this thing but it seems like..

1. stage division doesnt work on my system
2. Clear functions dont work

ableton 10.1.9

Oh, I'm an idiot and missed the conversation about this above. Will check out these solutions!

Still loving this sequencer! but I'm currently trying to figure out how to add a "density" knob. It seems like the patterns it generates are filled with gates almost 90-100% of the time and doesnt make for very groovy or danceable acid lines. I've played with some probability devices placed after it but this isn't very reliable cause it's all random. If anyone can speed up my learning in this that'd be preeetty cool, cause I'm terrible at Max.

I love this thing!
Also quick bug report? It seems to always start in the middle of the pattern for me, which can make syncing it kind of a pain, at least when I'm recording and trying to find 1 in the pattern again :)