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Name/Version: Comping Takes 2.1.3
Author: MessinkiMusic  
Description: A Max for Live device to organise the recording and listening to of different takes in a group. Only the selected track in the group is armed and unmuted.

2.1.3 UPDATE

Added a preference button to select whether or not arming and muting still follows the selected track when recording in arragement mode

2.1.2 UPDATE
Added button to rename the tracks in the group, and one to set the tracks to random colours, both which will help keep track of which take is being used while comping.

2.1.1 UPDATE
Fixed a bug that muted a track in the group after a track outside of the group had finished recording.

Fixed a bug that meant when a live set was loaded with this device deactivated, it would still function.

Place device on a group track. When a track inside the group is selected, all other tracks will be muted. With record arm enabled on a track in the group, the selected track will also be the only armed track in the group.

Link multiple devices together by giving them the same name and the groups will work together. E.g, If the first track in one group is selected or armed, then so will the first track in all other groups with the device that share the same name.

While Ableton is recording, all functionality can be paused, so that selecting a track in the middle of recording will not ruin the recording.

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Downloads: 536
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.1.17
Max Version Used: 8.1.2
Date Added: Mar 09 2020 19:54:52
Date Last Updated: Aug 08 2020 15:33:00
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: Comping Takes Example


Fantastic, MessinkiMusic!
You did it! Great comping tool and very elegant group track ! one feature we all wanted for age!
Thank you so much!
Next step would be, in all group sharing the same name device, to link other actions, like add a track, delete a track, copy a track.
And after that, another step would be the ability to create and select a new track in every armed group when rerecording.
Another idea would be the ability to link editing between groups. But I don't know if Max4live would allow that.

Thanks for the linked editing between groups update!

One question / suggestion tho - what do you think about making it so if two tracks share the same name in different groups say with the same identifier - i.e. vox [take_01] - those will me muted / unmuted together, rather than having it just be first track linked with first track, second with second, etc.?

I've thought about this, but I think that it would just make things more confusing, and would be more hassle than its worth. Are there any cases you can think of that would really need this?

So I was thinking of how in Logic you can slice parts of each take and then bounce that all those parts to one stereo file. Using some sort of identifier you could sort of achieve the same thing, less the bouncing part.

Taking that idea one step further, this second image would also disable the clips on the muted tracks making it easier to see the overview of what parts you're taking from each clip:

Annoyingly Max for Live doesn't give you much control over arrangement clips at all. The way I've been using this device is to create an extra track in the group that you can copy and paste bits of various takes into. Then you can select that comp track and listen to the whole thing, rather than having to turn off the device and unmute all the tracks that have been used in the comp. Does that make sense? Do keep suggesting ideas, I'm interested to know how people approach it

Man this is sooo good, will save me alot of time. I'm a newbie and I don't know how really max works, but adding playback when click audio clip and something like, copy clip to "selected track", at the same position on time grid, it will be a complete comping experience. Anyway thank for this, is a verry good tool !

Really liking this. But one thing would be really useful - is there a way to *enable* the functionality when Live is recording? I would like to be able to quickly loop record onto new tracks and don't mind taking the risk of having a recording split between tracks now and then. If there's an object I can bypass or change I don't mind doing it myslef. But I'm quite new to Max and can't figure out where you have done it!
The other (related) thing that would be really useful to take this a stage further- and I don't know if it's possible - is when looping is on, when you reach the end of the loop, the next track is automatically selected and armed so you could fluidly loop record takes.

Timday101 Just added a checkbox for keeping the functionality while recording.

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