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Yes, it is working now, months later now I can't remember why I needed it, I was actually looking to send for sysex messages I think :) Thank you for the correction, I'm sure I'll find good use of it!


Hey hey, This would be very handy but the download is 0bytes. Could you check?

Would it be possible to midi assign the numbers? Would also be really handy to change them automatically between scenes..

I'm sorry! it DOES work!!!!

I couldn't read the small prints :)

So for anyone out there, you need to hold sfhit and click in the matrix to save a patch.

@schlam you are a king!!! :)

Hey, I own a Tanzbar :)

It doesn't work unfortunately, I can save one, open it but it doesn't send the parameters out to the Tanzbar.

Not sure what the matrix with the numbers should be doing also.

I would LOVE to see it work! :)

@TanteRouge, this is exactly want i wanted to program for a max for live device for my Tanzbar, do you know of other max for live devices that have a "master bang" button? I was thinking the button needs to send a + 1 and -1 cc to all the parameters. I've just looked into to programming for max for live.


I've download the device, i'm very excited but it doesn't seem to work, do you have a small tutorial?