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+1 "when looping is on, when you reach the end of the loop, the next track is automatically selected and armed"

Maybe a version for miditracks wouldn´t be too much work?

And I found a small bug I think that propably doesn´t happen very often but it happened to me: when you have a device with automation on the group track or on one of the recorded audiotracks, and then at some point remove the comping group, then all the automation is gone.

I think this device is very great, and it should really be integrated into Live as a standard. Maybe write to them and they´ll give you a job ;))


Hi, looks really great the device but can´t really get it to work. No audio arrives via the fxbridge. Also the acutal freeze button doesn´t seem to work when loading a preexisting audioclip.
Any idea why?
I´m on mac.

Hi, it´s a really great looper, much better than Abletons.
Only thing is, that it does start clicking quite a bit when you have several layers that go more into a drone kind of direction. Would it be possible to insert something like 1ms fade in/fade out?
Don´t know wether you´re still in for updating your device, but I wanted to give it a try. Don´t really know how to write M4L myself.