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Name/Version: Turing Machine 1.1
Author: mindlesstrx  
Description: Based on Music Thing Modules' Turing machine and Volts / Pulses Expander. The link for this device goes to THEIR website. Not mine!

Generate midi patterns and morph them with a touch of randomness.

Note: I'm still deciphering and mapping all of the functionality from the schematics. Electronics is hard! But I think this is a good start. Feedback in comments please.

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Downloads: 279
Tags sequencer, other, beta
Live Version Used: 10.0.7
Max Version Used: 8.1.0
Date Added: Feb 11 2020 12:19:58
Date Last Updated: Feb 18 2020 14:21:11
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: Turing Machine 1.1.amxd


great - but had to edit the max value of the mappable percentage by changing numbox to float and to 500 as a quick fix.
Also when opening the device some .svg was missing
"live.text: can't find multimap-unmap.svg"

Is it supposed to sync with the Ableton clock? It doesn't seem to be syncing.

Hi Rob - It should sync with the clock. What behaviour are you seeing?

Hatyn - fixed the SVG. Can you give me more info about the number change you had to make and why?

when i open the device, i see a lot of weird looking cases which cover the descriptions of the functions. Do you know what to do? Should i use a specific version of Ableton live? Mine is 10.1

Mindlesstrx - Volts modulations weren't automating parameters of devices high enough - 100% knob value on a Volt step would be 50% on the Analog device filter cutoff for example, so I just edited the max value of the Volt knob to some extreme.

Mindless - actually its more like 0-113hz on the Analog cutoff when a Volt step is 0-100 and the cut off value goes from 0-22,000hz . Maybe the automation is sending actual parameter value and not a percentage. I haven't studied the device long.

Mindless - I changed the /500. to /100. in this version. Why is it /500 originally? Maybe its mapping to a cv or something? It seems to work well with Ableton devices with this edit though.

just adding a note for stuff i would add - smooth/average controls of Volts and Pulse mapping (perhaps with latch mode)

Hatyn- The maximum output of the Volts module is 500. Up to 100 for each of the Pots. That's why I divide by 500. But as you've noticed it's very rare top reach this high, sine the pots would all have to be maxed out and you'd have to have Bits 1-5 all at 1 in the original sequence. Perhaps I should normalise it to the max of the 5 current pot settings rather than the theoretical max of the pots.

Re: the suggestions I agree. Will look at that.

PS - just uploaded a new version with a couple bug fixes and loop lengths less than 8.

Roman747- can you share more details? Should work fine in Live 10.1 (that's what I am on)

mindless - ah all clear!

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