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Name | Version: Spectral Shuffle 0.2
Author: composingcap
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Shuffles spectral frames of a captured stft.

v 0.2: added panning controls


Live Version Used: 9
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Jan 05 2019 01:31:19
Date Last Updated: Jan 08 2019 22:09:40
Downloads: 1055
License: Attribution
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Device File: Spectral Shuffle.amxd


Very interesting device! Especially geared for experimental sounds and outside the box experimentations. Definitely an interesting tool for creating new sounds for further more manipulation afterward. Do you think you could have a stereo option for the resynthesis? (even if it's cpu demanding)... ?

And thanks for sharing it :)
Just added some crude panning controls to the output.
How does it work ?

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