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FFT Infinite Sostenuto Version 0.1
Spectral Shuffle Version 0.2
FM Granulator Version 1.01
Spectral Accumulator Version 0.3
FFT Bin Exchange Version 1.02
Risset Synth Version 0.0.1
Simple Spectral Delay Version 1.02
Mesh Verb Version 0.2.1

Total Downloads: 3,337

Comments by composingcap


The tapin and tapout positions should save now

It is in stereo now

I went ahead and added the ability to change window sizes. I will add stereo in the future.

Just added some crude panning controls to the output.

Sorry for the long wait--

I have correctly frozen this now. Sorry for the trouble

I can look into it- how I have it set up now changing the fft size would be a little problematic (mostly because the patch is a bit messy and changing the fft size requires me to re initialize the pfft objects)

These updates should fix those issues

Hey, sorry I do not check this very often. I will look at it when I get a chance. I think it should be an easy fix.