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Name | Version: Grainflow.sustain 1.1
Author: composingcap
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Granular hold effect that is great for creating ambient textures

Fixed issue with buffer name changing -- to ---


Live Version Used: 11
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Nov 28 2021 17:58:26
Date Last Updated: Feb 03 2022 15:13:29
Downloads: 1371
License: None
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Device File: grainflow.sustain.amxd


Very cool and neat soundscape generator indeed! Simple, nice and a pleasure to use. Well done!
*Quick question: would it be difficult for you to add a simple pitch paramter? I think that's pretty much the only thing missing. Other than that, loving it! Thanks alot for sharing.
I added a pitch shift feature, but it will introduce some noise because of the small buffer size I needed to create the effect.
@composingcap: thanks alot for this ultra fast iteration! Very cool from you. But your latest unfortunately update doesn't produce any sound of of it, it's silence no matter if I click on the 'ON' button or anything else. Problem with the freezing of the device maybe?
@NeonBreath- it should be fixed now. :) (It was not frozen)
Wow, very cool. Again, thank you for your very quick support.

It works like a charm now indeed! I don't think the pitch shift feature introduces too much noise, it's very usable and in fact I think the pitchshift really adds lot of depth and sonic possibilities now. With a nice reverb right after, boom tnstant soundscapes! This devine will stay forever now in my toolbox. Very well done, thumbs up!
Love this device. It's a shame that it does not support multiple instances in live due to the "#0" usage in send/recieve objects instead of "---".
@aftersound: this issue was caused by me accidentally naming the buffer names with "--" instead of "---." All of the #0 are in abstractions so they should create unique identifiers within the abstraction.
you're absolutely right, made it work with multiple instances in the same live set

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