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Name | Version: College Dropout 2.2
Author: CaligulaCuddles
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: College Dropout 2.2 - an update of my previous tape/vinyl warping effect. 

What is it:
The College Dropout 2 is the audio slacker simulator. With this, you can replicate the heartwarmingly crappy random volume dropouts and pitch warping effects from your favorite pieces of janky analog trash.

Yeah, there’s a bunch of really nice tape effects out there, but I wanted something with deeper customizable controls for the volume drop, and a pitch-dropping/wow & flutter effect that was more organic sounding and didn’t have the latency issues some other devices had when warping.

There are three primary modes for the effect
-Tape (volume drop)
-Vinyl (pitch drop)
-Failure (volume and pitch drop)
You can also set the left and right channels to operate individually or in unison with the Stereo/Unitary button.

The audio drops are completely random, based of of a metro object running random numbers against the probability dial.

Probability - Chance of a dropout triggering.
Depth - How far the dropout will go (100% drops the audio out completely).
Downtime- How long it takes for the dropout to reach its minimum.
Uptime - How long for the dropout to return to its default.
Gap - How long the dropout stays at its minimum.
Curve - You can dial in either a linear dropout rate or add a curve factor to the dropouts.
Smooth - Smooths out quick transitions to prevent fast rate jumps. (Useful for high probability settings.)
Drop - How deep the pitch dropping effect goes.
Hiss - Tape hiss effect.

You may notice that there aren’t precise millisecond times on a lot of the controls. The numbers are just to give a relative sense for how long the durations of the dropouts last. Whenever a drop is triggered, there are minor variations to the specific values so that the effect doesn’t sound too static or mechanically repetitive. The particularly savvy may note that you can tweak the features to minor degrees, but for the most part, I think the default ranges and rates should be ideal for most users.

For added lo-fi fun, check out my pseudo-companion patch, “High School Crush,” and sink back into the full-on audio trash nostalgia head trip.

Hit me up if you have any ideas to improve the patch or if you have some other general questions.

Keep it fresh and keep it free.

♡ ♡ ♡
Special shoutout to ELPHNT/Tom for graciously showing this patch in his excellent Max for Live miniseries on his YouTube channel:
Check it out. There are a handful of other videos there as well, all featuring even cooler patches by more impressive M4L devs.
♡ ♡ ♡
Вот видео для моих русских друзей (Спасибо Константин):
♡ ♡ ♡


Live Version Used: 10.0.5
Max Version Used: 8.0.2
Date Added: Jun 23 2018 01:42:28
Date Last Updated: Dec 26 2019 23:13:09
Downloads: 28283
License: None
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Device File: College Dropout 2.2.amxd


I really love this plug in. The randomization feels very natural. Since grabbing it a few weeks ago i've been putting on everything. Thanks a ton for this gem.
Hello, I am new to max for live and recently got this effect. It is brilliant however today it stopped working. It silences any signal passing through it. when I open the max console window it says 'folderwatcher_beginproc: error 5 calling CreateFile'. Thanks for any help you can give!
Hey bronze777 - that's really weird. I can't seem to replicate the issue. Is there any chance you could send some screenshots of the issue to my email address (it's listed in my profile).
Une reussite ! Bravo CaligulaCuddles :)
very helpful txs bro!
Great FX.
Having a small issue here - The dropdown setting for the mode (Tape/Vinyl) isn't being recalled when the setting is it's copy & pasted or recalled from an adg.
Can't wait to try these!
This is one of my favourite. Amazing UI and totally dig the name of the effect (along w High School Crush) :) Love to see more unique fx from you!
uh... frush! Thank you brudah
I'm new to Ableton. How do you install this plugin??
Lo-fi experimental music effect. Good stuff thanks!

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