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Name/Version: VIZZable 2
Author: zealtv  
Description: VIZZable 2.1

for everything VIZZable go to

Robert Jarvis ZEAL.COM

Place VIZZable folder anywhere on your hard drive. Drag plugins from
the Ableton browser or your file system, into your live set.

All the plugins have help associated in lives built-in help thingo.
Video files should be in quicktime format. A good rule of thumb is to use
the photoJPEG codec at 74% for the best compromise between quality and performance.

Chris Gough for his fantastic auto-connect system, preview windows and
chain router device. Mike Todd, Fabrizio Poce, Leon Trimble, Ned Rush
and everyone on the JitterInMax4Live group for their knowledge and
enthusiasm. David Avila for his fantastic JS objects used in the
Suprplayr. Stefan Brunner for his keen bug squashing. Wesley Smith for
pouring his brain out on the cycling 74 forums. Sam Tarakajian for his
unbelievably useful tutorials (

This software is released for free. You are free to edit and/or
redistribute it. You may not sell it, take credit for my work or
redistribute it with out attribution. If you edit it and redistribute
it you must let others do the same. If this software breaks your
computer, it's not my fault. If it makes you rich and/or famous please
buy me some land in Tasmania.

Join the community here:

hit me up:

Device Details

Tags video
Live Version Used: 9.1.1
Max Version Used: 6.1.6
Date Added: Apr 28 2013 03:37:02
Date Last Updated: Mar 07 2014 21:26:19
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike


thank you its great!!

Amazing work. Makes me want to get Live 9. They should pay you ;)

As always, utterly awesome work :)

just wondering if in this new version there is any way to control the real time speed of the triggered clips as there was on the old playr with rate control and will this older playr work with vizzable2?

Download link = error 404

Download link works here :


great work and... 64bit compatibility please!!!

Good Lord. This is absolutely incredible. I can't tell you how many tedious After Effects projects I've worked on, mostly setting up and syncing to music, what I can do with a handful of clicks and some midi/automation mapping. Just incredible. Will donate.

Link is here.

awesome stuff nice update, very nice and simple tutorials on your site, thanks for sharing all this for free respect!

awesome stuff nice update, very nice and simple tutorials on your site, thanks for sharing all this for free respect!

I'm trying to use VIZZABLE 2.1 but with no success.
When I drag videos into the clip slots of a track with the clipPlayr I can hear the audio but cannot see any video - the preview screen stays black.
I tried to update quicktime and used a lot of different .mov videos encoded by a variety of codecs including photoJPEG which supposedly should work.
I also saw another post that claims it's only possible to drag clips from the Live Browser, but that too doesn't work for me.
When played in the arrangement view all the videos work just fine.
I'm using the latest version of Ableton Live 9.

Any ideas on what else I can do?

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