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My cked plugins never cause troubles like this... So maybe its your computer?

Seriously. I dont say it isnt well developed.. but it is.... a mixer for live. i mean people have max to do things themselves.

Tsss yours is free man!

i can not pay 9$ for a m4l mixer plugin...




Thanks! I will check it out tonight

I used M4L

Yeah can u send it? Or upload so other users can get it to? Thank you very much!

I found out that the object is windows only! I am on mac. If you read the reference there seems to be an alternative object for mac or something...

jit.dx.grab - no such object (max 6.1.3)


thank you its great!!

thanks! i like your devices

Works now and is awesome

I like it!

Its great!! thank you!


Ok. is this new? sorry

This website is for sharing free devices...

This device did not work for me. The FX devices did not appear in the menues..

Jo where is the feedback?!! This is fking great work. Like a swisswatch in ableton live! THANK YOU!