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noted :) plugin updated. now uses the API.

super handy! thanks.

looks great! :D

@ Johan If you set the bottom left note to an E then it will be tuned like a bass or guitar. It won't adjust for a B string like standard guitar tuning though, it will just keep going up in fourth as in "all fourths" tuning.

@domtak it's not a problem i've experienced... There is a stuck note stopper built in to the patch using the flush object which should be doing the trick. what's your set up?

@xbuster17 just make sure you drop motion mod into your track after what ever you want to modulate. motion mod populates the list when it's loaded

@pryds that's certainly possible with a little tweaking. will put it on the to do list

@sapience i'll put a tutorial together for the next version. main thing to get going is a drop down list of video devices... short on time at the moment but it's on the to do list. maybe some one else would like to hack at it in the mean time?

If anyone isn't seeing any video signal, try adjust the threshold while providing the camera with lots of movement. otherwise check your OS video settings, motion mod should be drawn to the default video device.

hmmmm.... not sure about why you're getting a black screen. i'll have to have a dig. only suggestion right now is to jump into your system preferences and make sure your desired camera is set as your default video device.