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Name/Version: Ultimate Mixer 1.1
Author: kevinkripper  
Description: Ultimate Mixer is the best solution to expand your Ableton Live expirience. It is the floating mixer that was missing to use Live with a second monitor!

Music Radar's Review:



- Deep code clean up
- Improved CPU consumption
- Improved boot time
- Improved UI
- New Logo
- React to Group Tracks
- Visualise which track is selected and select it from UM too
- Added dB display
- Added Session Notes
- Added Shortcuts (Pan, Notes, Tools)
- Added the cue knob and crossfader slider in the Master track
- Added hints and descriptions in Live's info box
- Replace ''auto resize'' for an automatic screen adaption
- Fixed live.meters showing a green line even though there was no audio in the track


- Stretchable channels
- Live's skins adaptable
- Change the name and color of each track
- Inserts display
- Sends control
- I-O & Monitor control
- Add tracks (up to 50) and returns
- Stay-on-top
- Auto-resize depending on window size
- MIDI & Key Mapping

For support, impressions, suggestions, please contact

Device Details

Tags effect, utility, other, hardware, dj
Live Version Used: 9.0.3
Max Version Used: 6.1.3
Date Added: Apr 27 2013 12:46:16
Date Last Updated: Jun 21 2021 18:28:08
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): AttributionNoDerivatives


wooOoow! That's insane mate! You're the man!

Amazing Oo' !

Waouh! Finally !

where is download link ?

As the article says: ** Available from April 29th **

Just a big WOW for that, really good work man!

Thank you this is great!

$9 too steep. These floating mixers are like a holes in my pockets ;) iOS functionality with these mixers would be superb.

when the mixer section is expanded you get a peak level meter and a track volumen box display for each fader?

maesojua: I did develop that but I couldn't manage to represent exactly the numbers of Live, for example: in Live, volume box display -3.5 and in Ultimate Mixer -4.3. So, because of that, I decided to not include peak and volume representation in v1.0, but is one of the things I would love to add in future versions! Cheers!

please please please :) could u update the state of the group tracks (open/close) as do it , THX

great work, thanks for sharing

It works really great man!!!! The only thing is that consumes cpu, but it is understandable.

@xbitz, I have those devices (don't like them at all) and the state of the group tracks are not shown!! In fact, I have read the article and nothing is said about


if u close a group that one hides the affected tracks (which ones are in the given group track)

@xbitz, I know that! What I said is that in the devices you posted (which I have them) you CAN'T see the state of the group tracks (open/close = fold/unfold)

@xbitz, that would be a really nice thing to add to the mixer but it is kind of complicated. Even the Max crew leave this message in the LOM (Live Object Model):

"A track is visible if it is not a subtrack folded in. Hiding tracks be scrolling them out of view is something completely else."

Anyway I think the devices you posted, don't have that option as @hitchhikerX said...

Great device but its CPU consumption surprised me. On a song with only 6 tracks CPU is ~20% higher with this device enabled (on MacBook Pro) Is this just the nature of things with such a powerful/busy Max for Live device or can we expect improved CPU usage with future versions?

@Aputy, thanks for purchasing Ultimate Mixer and supporting the project. I'm working to improve CPU consumption, it is my top priority for v1.1!

@hitchhikerX, I finally tried the device from which @xbitz was talking about and he is right! That is a nice feature I would add in the future for sure!

Omg wonderfull stuff Thankx

and again :-( i don`t have a credit card, but i NEEEEDD this
what can i do?

Hi @st235. You can use PayPal as well, check this out:

hi kevin. i`m really very disappointed!!!! i bought your mixer and your spectrum and i have to say: when you want to sell patches, they really should work.
1.i opened the mixer and all the faders were in the wrong position. (i.e. in the live mixer some are at 0dB , in your mixer they are 1cm beneath the line.)
2. it doesn`t properly update after adding, deleting tracks.........

i was patching my own mixer but i was struggling with exactly this problems and then i found yours and thought: wow, you did it. but now i have paid for a finished working patch and have the same problems as before.

and about the spectrum:
it`s really useless that the frequencies below 10 hz take up so much space as you should get rid of anything down there anyway.
sorry, i know it is hard work and you are very close but as soon as you aren`t there you should not sell it
all the best, andreas

Okay, well, you are the first one to be disappointed with that stuff.

1) The faders are like that because Live measure dB in a strange way, that is, they use a table of values instead of a normal logarithmic scale. I've found a polynomial that imitate quite well dBs and I'm going to add it to v1.1.

2) I don't know your set up, nobody have reported that issue, in fact here every track is updating just fine after adding, deleting or changing the position of tracks! (Live 9.0.3 with Max 6.1 and Live 8.0.4 with Max 6.0.8)

You have payed for an excellent work, that is going to be updated (with quite cool new features) for free in the next few weeks, so take it easy!


Change the scale of the spectrum to Linear if you don't wanna see frequencies below 10Hz, but every spectrum analyzer shows those frequencies.


Look, every software needs improvements. I've payed a lot of money for Ableton Live and it has a lot of flaws, which they try to fix in every update. The same here: I've updated 5 times Spectrum Analyzer S8 (and with each of them S8 has become a more powerful plugin) and I'm about to release Ultimate Mixer v1.1. So, chill and thanks for the bad add! But I just wanna say that whatever you say doesn't change the fact that this is a great piece of patching that is going to be reviewed in the next issue of Computer Music Magazine.

great one!!!!

if u can please add the feature that highlight the selected channel.
it will be great for people that using controllers for mixing :)

keep up the great work!!!!

sorry, it wasn`t meant that bad. i know it is a good piece of patching. but you can`t compare this issue with ableton bugs. ableton does infinite cool things and yes, some of them are a little bit buggy, but the main purpose of your device is mixing!!!!
and yes on all spectrum devices those freuquencies are shown , but soo big?
btw.: i didn`t want to write you here but i haven`t found a email address.

sorry it must be my english skills that i`m not able to write it in the right words which aren`t too rude

Well, just for the record, my email is in the last row of Ultimate Mixer description, in this same page, see: "For support, impressions, suggestions, please contact".
And also, it is (with my facebook too) in "License.txt", which comes inside both UM and S8 .zip file.

About the Analyzer, yes, that big. Have you tried Ableton's native Spectrum Analyzer? Please, if you don't, check out how big frequencies from 0Hz to 80Hz are displayed!

"- React to Group Tracks"

thank you very much :)

Dude, i ve been checking all your stuff out, quite impressive! thanks.

andreas, your point is somehow valid about the size of the frequency range between 10 and 100 but in these 90 hz we are dealing with more than 2 octaves and when mixing this is the part of the spectrum that demands the most precision, just for monitors tuning it's worth the size.

The mixer in your video looks cool, price is not bad if I can actually get it to work.

Not alot of instruction in the zip file.

I installed it and when i put in on the master out, all i get is the device with logo in the bottom. I hit 2 and a window pops up but i dont see the mixer/channels.

I'm new to Max 4Live, so maybe I'm missing something...

please help.

@chuck0889, here and in the .zip file is included the support email so please contact me at I'm sure is something really silly, don't worry!

thanks kevin I emailed you.

Just bought it
here is my impression:
* its slow, spectrum drawing is very slow here.
If you lie to display a kick and a snare together, the spectrum display just flashes very short, but its very hard to see anything usefull.

Probably add a kind of falloff time ?

But for 5 bucks its ok ;)

When Opening the Floating windows the whole Live GUI gets slowed down to time lap view :)

@ansolas, I guess you are talking about the Spectrum Analyzer. Try changing the "interval" parameter value to speed up the spectrum drawing. Here its working just fine with Mac OS Mavericks (8g RAM), Live 9.1. Keep me posted at please!


Help! I just purchased it and installed it according to the accompanying instructions. However, I'm having repeated crashes on Live 9.1.5 32-bit on Mavericks OSx, Retina 13-inch MBP.

I've tried loading it on audio tracks, midi tracks and also the master with the same result. This happens on new live sets with nothing in them except the default.

Do let me know how I can send you the crash log from OS X as I am not allowed to post more than 5000 characters here. Thanks!

@blastique, thanks for purchasing UM. Please send me the crash log and keep me posted at!

Quite disappointed with this purchase. It causes Ableton to lag/freeze very often e.g. Loading a blank MIDI track takes 10-20 seconds longer than usual.

Unfortunately I didn?t want to believe the lag/freeze that was just reported recently and with the previous version. 1.1 is hitting real hard on Ableton Live 9 and renders it unusable, since it takes several seconds to get me to select even a channel, plus it does not support full 1920x1080px - it leaves an empty gap (for more return channels?!) although I have a lot of tracks that could use it. So far it feels like wasted money :(.

Or you could just, you View > Second Window and bam! there?s your floating mixer window.

This looks nice. However, as I can already use a second monitor and place the native mixer on that at will, what is the main advantage using this instead? Can it for instance be used on a third monitor instead? So 2 native Live windows could be focused on Arrangement and Clips (rather than the mixer) respectively and the third monitor with Ultimate Mixer focused on the mixer?

Can you launch a plug-in easily now from UM?

@Stromkraft, this device was built before Live 9 even exists! You can still use it if you want but I'm not updating it anymore. And yes, you can have it in a third screen but you can't launch plugins from it.

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