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thanks for the device.

Was looking for a way to send only note off messages.., is it possible in live?

great work thanks

really useful thanks

Hi Fab,

I got a request, if we can talk in private that would be great.

Wow just read bilo's comment and dang we have almost the same suggestions lol.

Hi Fabrizio,

The arranger idea came to mind (for me at least) when I saw the device you made because of my line of work (playing live mostly oriental music on arranger keyboards), and this device came like a send from heaven to me because I always wanted to use ableton live like an arranger keyboard with steroids lol.

Can't tell you how happy I am to see someone create such a device here.For the new tonic tool, it would be great to add an option to make it play the 5th or the third or maybe both after the tonic been played first (since it's a tonic device), hearing the tonic play over and over can get boring sometimes.Another option would be great too, making the bass play in a predefined range (like from c1 to g2 for example) so if it gets out of this range it would transfer the notes to this range.

great work as always



Hi Fabrizio,

Great stuff as always, and the new harmobass is great too.I only thought when you add it that you'd make it to do the same things as normal harmochords do but instead it would transfer the bass note of the midi clip clip according to what chord data the it gets (like in arranger keyboards).The whole idea was to make ableton do what arranger keyboards do, play accompaniment according to what chords you play.You've done a great work in this area and I really thank you for your time and effort, and I think this device will get better and better every time.Hope you'll consider my input in the new update for this device.


great device

Hey Fabrizio,

Great work as always, I've got a request: some times when I put the harmotools on a bass track, it doesn't stick to the root of the chord, sometimes it plays the third or fifth note instead of the root.If you could do like a special mode for bass tracks to always stick to the root of the chord it would be great.



Great device, very helpful thanks

great work, thanks for sharing

thanks man its working now


I've tried the device, still cant get it to work.I'm using ableton live 9 and max for live 6.1 (64bit).Don't know what Im doing wrong, I put the harmo filter and nothing happens...

I put it in a midi track ... and pressed the "select device" button ..then I go to the " channel device parameter" page ... but it doesnt load the devices ... :/

Im using windows by the way ..

it doesn't load the devices ... i dont know y ...

im using ableton live 8.2.2 ... with max 5.1.0

link still broken

cool gonna try it

great ... hope you add more chords to it ..

man this is great ... thanks

great tool & I got a request for you:

Ive been looking for a way to transpose midi in ableton in cents (so I can play microtoned music)

if you can make it so your transpositions can be controlled via a knob or dialed in so I can transpose notes in the chromatic scale by cents (+/- 80 cents per note) and the transposition stays (I mean it doesn't generate random pitches but actually stays that way!)

I would appreciate it very much if you can help me on this... its so damn hard trying to find a way to play -for example- Arabic scales in ableton ...

thanks and keep up the good work