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Clip Loop Monitor Version 1.4
Spectrum Analyzer S8 Version 1.5
Ultimate Mixer Version 1.1
Automatic Filter Version 1.0
Session Notes Version 1.0
Ciosor.K Version 1.0
Vsynth Patchbook Version 1.0

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@Stromkraft, this device was built before Live 9 even exists! You can still use it if you want but I'm not updating it anymore. And yes, you can have it in a third screen but you can't launch plugins from it.

Hi, didn't have time with the release of the Vsynth. It should work with Max7 but you are going to see differences in the GUI. Cheers!

Hi @MartinH76, thanks for supporting the project!
Sadly with Max7 you won't see the lines it will only works with the filled version. But you can use Max6 instead!
I’m working on an update of this plugin so stay tuned! Cheers!

Thank you! I'll start working on an update soon!

@blastique, thanks for purchasing UM. Please send me the crash log and keep me posted at!

@ansolas, I guess you are talking about the Spectrum Analyzer. Try changing the "interval" parameter value to speed up the spectrum drawing. Here its working just fine with Mac OS Mavericks (8g RAM), Live 9.1. Keep me posted at please!



That is because the "parameter visibility" of the live.text objects (green patch buttons) are set in "store only" instead of "automated and stored". You can entered the patch and change this in the inspector of each live.text. After this you will be able to midi map them.

Yes, you are right! Fixed, check it out

Sorry to hear that but here its working flawlessly with Live 8.2.6 (Max 6.0.8) and Live 9 (Max 6.1)

I didn't realize that but is already fixed! Thanks!

lol, awsome!

@chuck0889, here and in the .zip file is included the support email so please contact me at I'm sure is something really silly, don't worry!

It may work with any clip. I've just tested it with a no-loop clip and it works flawlessly not only Isotonik version but also mine.

Hi, I've tested in both windows and mac with Live 9 (Max 6.1) and Live 8 (Max 6.0.8) and it works perfect with long and short clips even if they have follow actions or not. Cheers!

Well, just for the record, my email is in the last row of Ultimate Mixer description, in this same page, see: "For support, impressions, suggestions, please contact".
And also, it is (with my facebook too) in "License.txt", which comes inside both UM and S8 .zip file.

About the Analyzer, yes, that big. Have you tried Ableton's native Spectrum Analyzer? Please, if you don't, check out how big frequencies from 0Hz to 80Hz are displayed!

I loved this. Quite impressive piece of patching!

Okay, well, you are the first one to be disappointed with that stuff.

1) The faders are like that because Live measure dB in a strange way, that is, they use a table of values instead of a normal logarithmic scale. I've found a polynomial that imitate quite well dBs and I'm going to add it to v1.1.

2) I don't know your set up, nobody have reported that issue, in fact here every track is updating just fine after adding, deleting or changing the position of tracks! (Live 9.0.3 with Max 6.1 and Live 8.0.4 with Max 6.0.8)

You have payed for an excellent work, that is going to be updated (with quite cool new features) for free in the next few weeks, so take it easy!


Change the scale of the spectrum to Linear if you don't wanna see frequencies below 10Hz, but every spectrum analyzer shows those frequencies.


Look, every software needs improvements. I've payed a lot of money for Ableton Live and it has a lot of flaws, which they try to fix in every update. The same here: I've updated 5 times Spectrum Analyzer S8 (and with each of them S8 has become a more powerful plugin) and I'm about to release Ultimate Mixer v1.1. So, chill and thanks for the bad add! But I just wanna say that whatever you say doesn't change the fact that this is a great piece of patching that is going to be reviewed in the next issue of Computer Music Magazine.

Hi, Paypal is available too! If you click the link above, you will see at the end of the description a link to PayPal! Cheers!

Hi @st235. You can use PayPal as well, check this out:

@hitchhikerX, I finally tried the device from which @xbitz was talking about and he is right! That is a nice feature I would add in the future for sure!

@Aputy, thanks for purchasing Ultimate Mixer and supporting the project. I'm working to improve CPU consumption, it is my top priority for v1.1!

@xbitz, that would be a really nice thing to add to the mixer but it is kind of complicated. Even the Max crew leave this message in the LOM (Live Object Model):

"A track is visible if it is not a subtrack folded in. Hiding tracks be scrolling them out of view is something completely else."

Anyway I think the devices you posted, don't have that option as @hitchhikerX said...

Like the idea very much!

maesojua: I did develop that but I couldn't manage to represent exactly the numbers of Live, for example: in Live, volume box display -3.5 and in Ultimate Mixer -4.3. So, because of that, I decided to not include peak and volume representation in v1.0, but is one of the things I would love to add in future versions! Cheers!

As the article says: ** Available from April 29th **

Done, sorry about that!

Many thanks! I try to build interesting devices and do my best!