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Name | Version: Automatic Filter 1.0
Author: kevinkripper
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Automatic Filter is a free & simple-to-use graphical filter that can be controlled by an LFO or a customised Envelope. It has a friendly UI to make things really easy but, just in case, each parameter has a description in Live's Info View.

It was developed by Kevin Kripper for StudioLinked VST ( We hope you enjoy this device!


Live Version Used: 9.0.1
Max Version Used: 6.1
Date Added: Apr 17 2013 21:50:50
Date Last Updated: Apr 18 2013 14:57:39
Downloads: 2638
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Device File: Automatic Filter.amxd


Good device. You might want to change the highpass and lowpass pictures on the filter selector as they are backwards. I have already done this on the device, but I don't know how to upload it..
Done, sorry about that!
All good. It a nice device! Thank you.
As always, a very nice GUI and a really clean and organised code. Keep it up!
I'm not sure if it's supposed to do this or not, but the "Envelope" setting seems to be controlled by the LFO parameters, rather than an ADSR of any sort. Without digging into it yet, I don't know why, but when I turn on the "Envelope" tab, the LFO doesn't stop.

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