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TB-305 Version 1.4.1

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Please remove 2 of the 3 postings of this.

Thanks, jjallan! It means a lot!


I haven't been using Max lately, but I'm trying to get back into it. (Yet again) I generally use Max in spurts, but I want to make it a regular practice to help the versatility and creativity of my AL9 experience. Hopefully, I can get back to work on perfecting this device and making some others. Thanks for the support, guys!

I'm not sure if it's supposed to do this or not, but the "Envelope" setting seems to be controlled by the LFO parameters, rather than an ADSR of any sort. Without digging into it yet, I don't know why, but when I turn on the "Envelope" tab, the LFO doesn't stop.

I'm pretty sure that I already ruled out the idea of using buffered samples in this synth. While it is a good idea to replicate the original more accurately, this started out to be more of an educational/experimental synth to see if I could replicate the sound waves without using samples, and learn how to do so. My next goal is the waveshaping bit. I have sktr's waveshaping [gen~] objects, but I was hoping that there was a different, equally versatile way of distortion using Max/MSP's standard objects. This way, I could change the distortion as needed to adjust for different sounds and devices, as well as learn how to do it without using [lookup~].

I just looked up pictures of an original, and you guys are right, there are no attack or release knobs, nor are there individual controls for the filter. I think I will remove them for now to keep this as close to the original as possible, but add in other options in future updates to make it more versatile.

By the way, I want to implement a control to select between the two theories behind the way the 303 creates it's square wave. I'm no good at understanding hardware, so all I can go by is what people say, and they say two different things. One idea is the way it's implemented now, but there's another idea that seems to make more sense to me, considering the features of this synth. It's simply that there is only one oscillator and the square wave is generated by a waveshaper of some sort. I have no idea where to begin with waveshaping other than using [buffer~] and [lookup~]. If anyone could point me in the direction of more versatile waveshaping, that would be great.

I could've easily used samples to duplicate the 303, but I wanted a challenge and saw that as too easily done. This wasn't a hard synth, once I realized how to gate a signal at an audio rate, but writing this synth has and still is helping me understand Max and audio in general. The point of this wasn't to recreate the synth exactly, but rather to learn how to recreate it from scratch. The thought of using samples from the original crossed my mind very early on, but, as I said, I wanted to recreate it. Not sample it.

I've been able to successfully recreate that "thump" that you were talking about. It seems that when the amp release is greater than the filter release, the filter will drop down before the signal is off. I tried to reconcile this by adding 80 to the filter envelope signal, but this had no success. I'll experiment a little bit and see if I can't get rid of it.

Thanks for letting me know. Never really noticed the "thump" that you're talking about, but I'll look into it and see what I can do about that. I'll also fix the filter frequency control to work in real-time. That was something I completely forgot to implement. Big mistake there. I'll get these things worked on ASAP. I'll definitely try my best to have these things added/fixed by tomorrow.

How ironic that someone else posts an update of a different synth just shortly before I posted mine. I can assure you, this device uses NONE of that code intentionally. Any help I had was credited in the comment boxes in the synth's patching view, or in the description posted here.

Sorry about that. I wasn't entirely sure of that point. (I'm new to this site.) I figured that I should probably delete the original, but I wasn't 100% sure on how others have done it. I'll delete the old one now. Thanks for letting me know.