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Name/Version: Sagans-Dream 2.4
Author: Vratislav  
Description: *Bugfixed version of delay effect originally from shhQuiet*

This effect is inspired by the Soma Laboratory Cosmos Drifting Memory Station. This is a much improved v2.0 of the original Sagan's Dream. This device supports a stereo signal in/out, up to 4 stereo delays up to 4 seconds, plus a blur control to mix between delay lines over time.

- The enable/disable buttons on the delay lines now work
- Freeze is renamed to Bypass to better indicate its function
- Removed the preset UI element as it was not functioning properly

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Downloads: 379
Tags effect
Live Version Used: 11.3.13
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Nov 04 2023 20:15:01
Date Last Updated: Nov 12 2023 13:16:08
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): Attribution

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Device File: Sagans Dream 2.4_20231112_141113.amxd


think you may have forgotten to freeze? I hear no difference versus dry

What dreams may come in this spirit world with v2.3?? I am the sole survivor dervish x.1.

There is no wet signal coming through this. It has no effect.

I'm still getting no wet sound - dry only. I'm trying 2.2 on live 11

Unfortunately not functioning

yeah, the abstraction "delay control.maxpat" isn't in there. Also, it's a bit generically named, so you might run into trouble with it down the line.

Sorry guys for the trouble with the device. I am new to editing Max For live devices so I might have packaged badly.

I will look at it over the weekend and try to fix it (and test the exact version before publishing here).

Don't worry man. It's cool you're figuring it out. I'll hang in til it gets there. It's fun. Myself, I havent figured out max out all. But I sure love using them. LOL.

any luck with the fix? Looks cool, I keep checking back!

Can you try it now, please? I think I have packaged it correctly this time.

Working for me. Very cool.

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