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Name/Version: GMaudio Ducker 1.5
Author: groovmekanik  
Description: GMaudio Ducker is the only sample accurate side-chain tool for Ableton Live. Designed for ease of use and ultimate transparency, It’s the last ducking tool you will ever use!

Here's what other customers have to say;

"What a great plugin — put it to use and immediately punchified the bass end. Thank you!" - Stak ker (YouTube)
"I had a huge workflow improvement since I started using ducker. This device is 'shut up and take my money' level of goodness" - Alfredo (Email)
"I love all GMaudio devices + buy them without thinking. they're all amazing + essential for a Live user... but this one feels like Robert's masterpiece!" - discoparadis (maxforlivedotcom)
"Purchased this glorious device earlier today. I have previously used Gatekeeper to get me some pumping bass, but this little gem does it way sharper and is exactly as good as described by the dev:-D" - Krbcrawler (maxforlivedotcom)
"GMaudio Ducker gets used on everything! From personal productions, to stem masters for my clients, Ducker is an amazingly fast and mathematically perfect side-chain device for your kicks. I used to use Ableton’s Utility to manually reduce volume and give space for my kick, because nothing was ever really quick or precise enough. Ducker saves me time, and keeps me in my flow state!" - AYA (
Side-chain compression is a technique commonly used to ensure that your Bass doesn't get in the way of your Kick. The problem is, that it's simply not accurate, and things like plugin delay compensation only makes it worse.

This device uses Transient Detection to trigger an ideal envelope for Bass volume control, that is always on time and 100% accurate.

- The Attack curve is fixed and designed to avoid any pops/clicks.
- The Release curve is adjustable from logarithmic to exponential, allowing for the perfect crossfade between your Bass and Kick.
- The length of time that your Bass is muted is adjustable via the 'Hold' parameter.
- The visualisation helps you identify your signals easily and makes dialling in settings an absolute breeze.

The reason why your Bass must be 100% muted to avoid clashing with your Kick has to do with the way audio signals are summed together. Even a small amount of Bass while your Kick transient hits will skew the summed waveform, resulting in a different Kick transient with every drum hit. This device ensures that your Kick's Transient remains consistent and allows you to smoothly transition from Kick to Bass so that they become one Instrument, resulting in maximum headroom and a stronger low-end!

See this video for further explanation;

New Version 1.5 (July 2022) (Updates are always free!)
- Improved User Interface
- Added Scope functionality (Freeze, Zoom, Position, Scope Mode)
- Added Absolute Envelope mode (to see the combined envelope of both sounds)
- Improved Transient Detection algorithm (no more over triggering)
- Adaptive scaling of Curve parameter (to further avoid pops/clicks)
- Added Invert Signal parameter (to flip the polarity of the Bass)

* Note: This device does not work nested in drum racks, within drum racks. This is a current limitation of the Live API and Ableton & Cycling74 are working on an update.

This device works in Live 10.1 or 11, Standard (with Max For Live) or Suite. It requires Max 8.2.2 to operate as intended, which can be downloaded for free from Cycling74.

Device Details

Tags synth, drum, sampler, lfo, sequencer, effect, utility, dj, push
Live Version Used: 11.1.6
Max Version Used: 8.3
Date Added: Jul 21 2022 02:28:10
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Here's a walkthrough using the new features...

Big thanks to all the awesome users out there :)

"GMaudio Ducker is the only sample accurate side-chain tool for Ableton Live"


Duck Buddy is FREE:

Im sorry cool but Duck Buddy is not sample accurate with its triggering, it is a few samples late. Its effectively pretty close but not sample accurate nor is its envelope designed with sample precision. If you need MIDI triggering then Duck Buddy is for you but if you want an easier to use, more accurate, regularly updated and well supported device to do the job, then GMaudio Ducker is the best option, over 500 users agree.

Thank you for this update, really is what I was asking for! I even tried to build that myself but unsuccessfully.

Maybe a suggestion for a future update: A multiband version with slope options. Seen your work on the multiband compressor device you built so it shouldn't be too hard to add.

Keep up the good work!

Forgot to add: an oscilloscope view with kick and bass signals added together. for a "bowtie" (once mentioned by Fox Stevenson).

Thanks Magps13. Multiband is often requested but the whole point of sidechaining in this way means that multiband ducking is redundant. If theres still signal remaining then this could destructively interfere with the kick and smear its transient. I?ll be completely overhauling my dynamic eq over the next couple months, that will be the goto tool for doing such things, then you could do things like mid/side ducking as well if you like, you can still do this currently with my dynamic eq but It?ll be fundamentally more precise with the new update.

The new absolute envelope mode shows how the two signals mix and is as useful as I could make it. The problem is that ducker may not always be the last device in the chain (further processing or groups) and the combined waveform could be different depending on the users workflow. A scope on the bus or group where the kick and bass is summed is the best option otherwise and this cant be implemented into Ducker for obvious reasons.

I?m really doing my best to keep this as simple and effective as possible and am very aware of feature creep, more is not always better. Just like good mixing, careful planning and a few precise movements yeild a better result.

Always happy to hear feedback though and appreciate the comments. Happy music making :)

I love Ducker so much for solving all the problems with the sidechain
Thank you very much

I am using it after updating it to 1.5 this time.
I'm using it well in my project,
Occasionally, all the ducker used to reopen the project is deactivated as if it were freezing like ice, and the sidechain's trigger disappears

Currently, the M4L uses 8.3.1 for Ableton 10
Is there anything I missed?
If there is a way I can solve it by myself, please let me know.

Please shoot me an email by replying to your receipt mpc2000xl and we can sort it out if you haven?t already. I?m not quite sure what you mean.

I already own the 1.4, where can i find the link for the update?

Ok, i got it, sorry i forgot the Gumroad lib

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