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Name/Version: Lunatique 1.2
Author: losgallos  
Description: Reminder : v1.0 is free as a demo : DEMO


v1.2 :


The device is now "push ready".

v1.1 :


There are 2 new optional features :

- Conditions to the knob values being triggered

- Sending a specific note on some trigs while in "Midi CC" or "Control device" modes

✌️ Price is up because of it but first version is now free as a demo.


v1.0 :

I want a DFAM so much but have no cash so I made this :

Lunatique, a Max for Live device that allows you to "knob-sequence" :

- Midi CC
- Midi notes
- Other devices parameters

Personnaly I sequence the modwheel of a Digitone with it, on which I can assign multiple destinations.

You can midi-map your midi controller to the 8 knobs to get a more hardware feeling.

This is my second M4L patch, hope you'll like it, this time it's not free but stays affordable : 1 symbolic Euro.


I do not guarantee technical support.

Device Details

Tags lfo, sequencer, utility, hardware
Live Version Used: 11.1.5
Max Version Used: 8.2.2
Date Added: May 04 2022 19:58:50
Date Last Updated: Sep 02 2022 11:32:32
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Ive made a 16th note version of it. I need to edit it to add the note on/off of 1.1. Also would be cool to be able to select a length /16 to get offbeat patterns.
I'll try to add it too. Maybe a bipolar version with offset too. And multiple parameters mapping
Thanks for your work

Thanks for your comment @telkmx
Some good ideas for a potential v1.2 :)

selecting the length doesnt seem that easy. I had a go at it and since it's using a different system than most seq it's not the simplest

Just bought this device, great job for one of your first devices! Really love how you are trying to compact a lot of functionality into a small device with a nice visual flower, great style.
Theres a couple things that I would think make this device great and a bit more unique.
1) Microtiming adjustment similar to how you have a separate screen for chance.
2) Rise and fall settings for modulation, i think this would really help with being able to take modulation to more extreme places and avoid clicks- but also just a wide pallete of modulation, would allow you to almost "draw" lfos with the 8 knobs.
3)The ability to modulate multiple paramters but also control more importantly the ability to set the range of modulation would be handy in setting up boundaries.

Quality of life stuff:
1)I notice that when i map this to modulation sources that it just says "" or "live.knob" if this could be fixed i think it would help with keeping track of complex modulation more easily.
2)Navigating the huge note menu feels very clunky, may be good to just allow you to scroll through the menu without opening it similar to how a lot of other native ableton devices work with selecting pitch.

Not sure how difficult this stuff is to implement, but regardless great device look forward to seeing what else you come up with in the future.

Hi Beautifulgoblins123 :)
Thanks for your feedback !
I may work on some of those in the future, Microtiming being the only "hard-to-do" I think

Wow thanks for the swift response! Excited to hear, I was just thinking maybe the velocity could actually be implemented on the "note trigger" screen. so instead of an on and off button just a slider that turns on once you cross 0. Could potentially keep everything more contained instead of creating a new layer.

Or have the "note screen" bring up a whole new set up knobs with a slider for velocity and the knobs controlling the length of each note? Just an idea in terms of organization

Also, does the chance function only effect modulation or does it also effect midi triggers?

If I remember it right, I think chance impacts both modulation and note.

Playing around with the demo right now, and loving it! Great device

Would you consider mapping this to a Push?
I've set it up with macros ofcourse, but this makes for a clumsier workflow on the Push as it's now either takes up two slots out of eight on my device list, or I have to hide the device in favour of the collapsed Group.

Just the eight knobs would do, but categories with knobs, parameters etc would be even better!

I'm also curious if you've considered a reset knob? With this, people can either manually hit it, map an lfo/env to it, or set it per clip, making for custom sequence lengths without another larger UI element.


Thanks for the feedback ?. Yeah I have to work on the naming and make it cleaner for Push. I can't make any promise but I listen to all feedbacks and it's now on my to-do list ?
A reset knob ? I am curious, tell me more I don't get it

It just resets the sequencer to step 1. You could map an lfo to it, a midi controller, or have clips control the length. Combined with Variations on a Group (or midi recall on Lunatique's presets? Would be nice!), you could do a lot of stuff in a performance...

Hi there,

The device is now "push ready".

I do not have a Push, I did follow the guidelines but I was like blind so tell me if that needs improvements.

I expect some feedback if anything is wrong ??

I'll check right away!

Ah, I suppose you haven't updated the demo! Let me know if you do, and I'll take a look. For some reason gumroad won't accept paypal on this, so I can't buy it right now

You're right, I did not touch the demo. Maybe later..

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