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This is flooding the undo history with 'Undo change "inverted"' in Live 11, any chance you could take a look at that? I'm using it in an old project and it's made undo unusable (and thereby this device!)

I've only briefly tested, but: UI shows up, and Summit responds to the few changes I tried!
Thanks so much.

Anything I can do to help you figure this out?

Still shows up all black, except for the tabs (Oscillator & voice, etc), on Ableton Live 11

Any update to this? Would love to give it a go.

Just posting to share that I figured it out together with the developer: The template seemed to have the right destination and input set, but they were named differently (Push user port vs Push 2 user? Can't recall the exact phrasing), and I just had to click on the dropdowns and select the right one.

Can someone confirm this works with Live 11 and Push 2? The instructions are pretty outdated so it's hard to know, and the last messages I can find are from 2017, discussing a (never finalised?) Gridlock 2.
I can import the device, but the dropdown is showing 'none'.

I'm having the exact same problem as Deftinwulf, but with Push 2 and Live 11. It appears this just doesn't work, even on the supplied Template Set...