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A restart after installing it fixed it! Sorry for the false report. Unrelated, but: I would love a third device, one that you can map to a parameter!
Flip, Turn... Twist?

Flip refuses to work for me, it just won't turn on and let midi through... have you had this issue? This is on Windows 11, Live 11.

On the last point, these could be buttons in the UI that the user could midi or key map

Great device! If you're ever looking at adding features, a few I'd love to see:
-Chords. All keys held together register as one step. Only when there are as many note offs as there were note ons does a new step get written!
-Velocity recording
-A key for recording a rest, a key for extending a step (easier than using the knob for changing step length), and a key for repeating a step (useful for chords!)

This consistently crashes my Ableton 11.3, has anyone else had this issue? It just loads forever, until Live crashes.

Working great for me on Windows 11, strange. Fantastic device, hope you figure out the issue other people have with it!

Could you make the Step selector mapable? I can click-drag it with the mouse, and would like to automate this with a random LFO. Additionally, just having 'random' as a sequencer mode would be great too.

The link to Gumroad again doesn't work, and the zip file only contains the readme. Is this still available somewhere?

Any chance this could be tied to (any) clips playing on a track? I'd like to be able to turn devices on/off without having to create dummy clips in every empty space...

Yeah, does anyone know what to change to fix the undo flooding? I really like this device but using it means losing out on undo entirely...

Thanks for continuing to update this with bugfixes!

Thanks! That's gotten me into actually editing devices for myself, this helps a lot.

This no longer seems to work, any chance you could take a look at it?

I'd also love it if this could selfpatch... in particular I'd love to map dials to the play and record command of other channels, or even the global ones.

I'm wondering the same thing! Having proper Push control over this would be amazing.

Sadly broken for me, the UI is missing elements, and I can't map anything.

Are your paid smartphone devices ever coming back online?

Getting some really interesting sounds out of this! Wish there was more hardware control (via Push for instance), but the curves make that impossible, so mouse tweaking it is!

Ah, reloading the device fixed this!

I'm unable to map anything to this. When I add an Auto Filter for instance, I'm able to select 'This Track' and 'Autofilter', but the next box remains grayed out, as if there aren't any parameters to map

I also wonder if this device has any Push mapping by default?

Same! Please add Paypal

Ah, I suppose you haven't updated the demo! Let me know if you do, and I'll take a look. For some reason gumroad won't accept paypal on this, so I can't buy it right now

I'll check right away!

It just resets the sequencer to step 1. You could map an lfo to it, a midi controller, or have clips control the length. Combined with Variations on a Group (or midi recall on Lunatique's presets? Would be nice!), you could do a lot of stuff in a performance...

Playing around with the demo right now, and loving it! Great device

Would you consider mapping this to a Push?
I've set it up with macros ofcourse, but this makes for a clumsier workflow on the Push as it's now either takes up two slots out of eight on my device list, or I have to hide the device in favour of the collapsed Group.

Just the eight knobs would do, but categories with knobs, parameters etc would be even better!

I'm also curious if you've considered a reset knob? With this, people can either manually hit it, map an lfo/env to it, or set it per clip, making for custom sequence lengths without another larger UI element.

This is flooding the undo history with 'Undo change "inverted"' in Live 11, any chance you could take a look at that? I'm using it in an old project and it's made undo unusable (and thereby this device!)

I've only briefly tested, but: UI shows up, and Summit responds to the few changes I tried!
Thanks so much.

Anything I can do to help you figure this out?

Still shows up all black, except for the tabs (Oscillator & voice, etc), on Ableton Live 11

Any update to this? Would love to give it a go.

Just posting to share that I figured it out together with the developer: The template seemed to have the right destination and input set, but they were named differently (Push user port vs Push 2 user? Can't recall the exact phrasing), and I just had to click on the dropdowns and select the right one.

Can someone confirm this works with Live 11 and Push 2? The instructions are pretty outdated so it's hard to know, and the last messages I can find are from 2017, discussing a (never finalised?) Gridlock 2.
I can import the device, but the dropdown is showing 'none'.

I'm having the exact same problem as Deftinwulf, but with Push 2 and Live 11. It appears this just doesn't work, even on the supplied Template Set...