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Name/Version: Lambda II 1.4
Author: Riccardo  
Description: Lambda II is a Max for Live device for real-time granular effect. The main features are:
- 8-voice polyphony;
- Live/Freeze mode | freeze audio input to work on the frozen buffer audio portion. If it is Off, Lambda processes the audio input in real-time;
- Sequencer mode | grain generation in sync with Ableton Live tempo;
- Pitch | individual pitch shifter for every voice;
- Delay | delay and feedback parameters for each grain;
- Filter | the whole spectrum granulated and filtered through a 8 band-pass filter;
- MIDI input | play grains via MIDI;
- Amplitude | individual amplitude parameter for each voice;
- Spray | stereo spatialization

Device Details

Tags sampler, sequencer, effect, other, push
Live Version Used: 11
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Feb 22 2022 15:56:32
Date Last Updated: Apr 26 2023 07:25:56
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Interesting! What is new exactly in this 2.0 update VS v1?

The new version has new audio input visualization, CPU optimization, a new delay network for grains (this is much fun!), filter mode, overdubbing in pre/post and different pitch-shift method (now it works like time-stretching. I prefer this to the FFT to avoid some noisy process and CPU).

Thank you for the quick response! Your granular device seems very interesting and quite powerful, I think I might get it :)

One question I forgot, are the future updates free for your device?

Thank a lot, I really appreciate! Yes, I think Lambda device is ready. I don't want to add another features but we will see! Anyway I have some updates in mind, but they're just little things.

Bought it... Loving it! Very nice and powerful granulator. The coolest thing is that it's very easy & inspiring to use, unless lot of other granular devices. Highly recommend as a companion to the native Ableton grain delay or as a totally replacement. Good work!

Hi !

I bought the v1, do I need to buy the v2 ?

Hi Riccardo, I don't see the Paypal possibility in Isotonik Studios...
is this not possible for this version?

NeonBreath thank a lot for your comment! It means a lot for me!

Pierrot2302 at the moment Lambda II is a new version of v1 but there are many difference so is like new plug in. At the moment is available at Isotonik Studio website so yes if you want it you can buy there.
Thanks if you would like to support me a second time :)

Lester, there is PayPal method on Isotonik studio. Take a look here

If you can't solve it, write me on

also interested in v2
@NeonBreath how is CPU usage?

@discoparadis I can answer to you regarding the CPU usage.

On my (old) machine:

MacBook Pro (mid-2012)
Intel i7 2,9 GHz dual-core

Live 11
Samplerate 48000
Buffer Size 64 (works without any click)

CPU on 14/15 %

with Buffer Size 2048 CPU on 7/8 %

I am very interested in the performances on the new M1.

Really nice looking and works super great on Push 2... Except for the Envelope page, there scrolling with push encoders works a bit weirdly, but not completely broken. All other controls work well so I wonder!

Still as it is, great! Thanks :)

Oh one other thing, at isotonikstudios it was not possible to pay with paypal, I would've wanted but no such option was offered anywhere, even though they claim that at the support page!

@tsarpf thank you so much! :) Can you please contact me o for the Push problem?

Yes, sorry for the PayPal problem but is not up to me to make a support for this kind of issue.

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