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Name/Version: Plastic Haircut - Time Drifting Phase Device 1.3
Author: ggrainer  
Description: Plastic Haircut is a time drifting phase plugin that replicates the early experiments of composer Steve Reich. Record or load audio into the plugin and select a region to loop. Plastic Haircut makes either 2 or 4 loops, each of which are cut slightly shorter than the loop before it, resulting in complex but pretty cool phasing melodic rhythms. Good for finding interesting rhythms as seeds for a larger track, intros/outros, or evolving ambient stuff. Always looking for tips, so comment or shoot me an email if you need a feature added.


-added snap to zero to smooth loop cut

-made it look cooler


-retrigger function

-zoom/grab waveform

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Tags sampler, effect, other
Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Feb 20 2022 02:26:42
Date Last Updated: Dec 18 2023 19:16:47
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): None


Any plans to add pitch shifting, fx, and/or reverse controls to each voice? This could turn into quite the pretty little beast.

Hey ggrainer,

I'd love to buy this device, but your site doesn't accept PayPal and I don't have a credit card. Is there another possibility?

Cheers, Reyn.

I really dig this device !
But it does one really funky thing...
When copy and pasting it, it changes the sample.
And, when I put in a new sample in one of the just duplicated instances, it changes the sample simultaneously in every instance.
That could be a hell of a cool feature, if it could somehow be made as a intended thing to happen, with some kind of setting to make.

So that it behaves like a "put in sample to copy directly to all instances"


"Put in sample to just this instance" without affecting the others.

There could be very very interesting possibilities with this.

Think about the feature in a combined manner -> Some are connected as the setting is -> copy to all receiving ones, and a few are with the discrete settings. So you could for example feed 5 instances with the same drum loop, while replacing the sample in another instance with a melody loop. And then, make a really quick switch, change the single melody loop with the drum, and put in the melody loop in all other instances. Just two clicks, but boom, new stuff discovered.

I don't know if you are aware of this behaviorism of your brainchild, but hey, maybe this sparks something !

Actually just dragging it around in the device chain, also makes it change sample.

Not sure if ggrainer checks this, but I'll ask another question anyways: Is it possible to make this device process live sound instead of loading samples? I don't think there is any device/VST that can do that. Just an idea for later versions.

Just saw these comments. Live processing would be cool, going to take a look implementing that. Pitch shifting and individual direction control is also cool, looking into that too. As for your issue Shroomystic, I did not know of that behavior but going to look into that as well.... thanks for all the feedback!!

I'm not getting any sound out of version 1.3. I know an earlier version worked for me. I'm not sure what the problem is. Is there anyway I can get a link to one of the earlier versions? I deleted the one I had after I downloaded version 1.3. I tried looking for a way to contact you on gumroad, but I'm not sure where to find your contact info.

Could u please put a PayPal address on Gumroad?

Hey @FostersIced

Same occurred to me. No sound coming out of the device. Did u find any solution? Drop an email to

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