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Hey, looks just perfect for my needs.

It all seems to work with a standalone looper. But I have my loopers inside of a group/rack because of a particular routing I use and it doesn't seem to recognise the 'location' of the looper/device.

Is that a known issue when it's not on it's own?

Cheers, Reyn.

Same for me, just like Chasewat. Makes Ableton crash when when I close my live session.

Cheers, Reyn.

Cheers, saved my life! Reyn.

Ahh, perfect for my needs. Thanks for creating it!

Cheers, Reyn.

Hey ggrainer,

I'd love to buy this device, but your site doesn't accept PayPal and I don't have a credit card. Is there another possibility?

Cheers, Reyn.