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Nevermind, I see the videos now.

Looks interesting! Are you planning on making a demo/tutorial video?

I'm not getting any sound out of version 1.3. I know an earlier version worked for me. I'm not sure what the problem is. Is there anyway I can get a link to one of the earlier versions? I deleted the one I had after I downloaded version 1.3. I tried looking for a way to contact you on gumroad, but I'm not sure where to find your contact info.

Not sure if ggrainer checks this, but I'll ask another question anyways: Is it possible to make this device process live sound instead of loading samples? I don't think there is any device/VST that can do that. Just an idea for later versions.

Any plans to add pitch shifting, fx, and/or reverse controls to each voice? This could turn into quite the pretty little beast.

This is an awesome device for shuffling slices, and much more! Maybe the best I've seen in this category. Any plans for future updates?

Are there any demo videos?


Looking forward to Lambda II. Any updates on the release date?

Is Lambda II a free upgrade for those who one Lambda? Or is it a separate purchase?