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Name/Version: Mapr16x2 1.0
Author: tomdusk  
Description: These devices are based on the mothergarage mapper Multimapper32Audio 2.7 device:

A goal with these devices is to insert these into an audio effect rack, and combine it with your favorite effects/instruments/VSTs. Then you can save these racks, and use them as favorites everywhere, making everything easier to customize and map to your favorite MIDI controller, as well as adding curve mapping, preset management, and morph capabilities.

An issue with the Ableton Map8 device, is that if you insert it into an audio effect rack, and then move that rack around such as before or after another plugin on the same track, it loses its mappings, and Ableton refuses to fix this issue. You can use these devices to avoid that issue.
An issue with the mothergarage device is that the XY control in the device consumes more ram, which can become an issue if you are using this device in conjunction with every effect or instrument you use.

If you just want to morph between Preset 1 and Preset 2, you can simply just use the X control. If you want to morph between Preset 1 to 4, you can use both the X and the Y controls. If you still desire to see an XY control, add your favorite Max4Live XY control to a track, and then simply map those to the X and Y controls of this device.

Known issues from the mothergarage version:
Push doesn't correctly display the renamed dials

Changes from the mothergarage version:

Removal of the XY control from the presentation/display
GUI look and feel changes, such as a shrink/expand buttons like Map8
Addition of an X morph dial
Addition of a text box in order to name presets
Change the button above the dials to map to center (64)
Some changes in the MIDI control mappings
Use keyboard keys "zxcv", to select the display of Bank A, B, C, D respectively, when the device is in focus

In order to customize the display with a different number of dials according to your preference, the device comes in 6 different versions. Also, in order to save on resources and load/save time, some versions have a reduced number of banks.

Device Naming Convention:

The first number is the number of dials on the display, and the second number is the number of banks for those dials.


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Downloads: 879
Tags utility, push
Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Feb 11 2022 16:56:06
Date Last Updated: Feb 23 2022 06:52:39
Average Rating (3) 4
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Device Type: audio_device
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Device File: Mapr16x2.amxd


This is amazing dude! Lot of thoughtful detail. I especially love the curves customization. Been searching for a way to do that for a while!

This plugin in amazing, really great work. I can't figure out how to toggle presets with midi tho. It won't let me assigne the buttons with midi mapping. Any help?

Just found this. Is it crashing Live 11.1.5 for anyone?

Dont think my crash was related to this plugin, soundcard issue possibly.

Awesome plugin by the way. but was wondering would it be possible to map 1 knob to multiple different plugin parameters? I want to use 1 knob to control the input level of two plugins. It doesnt appear to be possible to do this with the current version

Hi allby, in the bottom left corner of the controls there is a number that changes between 1 and 16 if you scroll with your mouse. You can also map something to control that number box, which will change the presets.

Hi @sap69, I'm using it on 11.1.5 without issue for me. If you want to map 1 knob to multiple parameters, you have to use something like the Multimap Max4Live device.

Mapr16x2 works perfectly, but Macros cannot be renamed. I changed the Macro name in "device", but the Push2 display always shows "MacroA1".
What could be the reason for this?

Hi phonaak.. This is a long-standing issue, even with the original mothergarage version. As said in the description:

Known issues from the mothergarage version:
Push doesn't correctly display the renamed dials

If anyone figures out a way to fix this, I'd be happy to update.

Crashed Ableton and then when I reloaded my set all the mappings (even ones I had previously saved) were gone

This is great and almost perfect for my needs with one tiny missing feature from Map8: min/max range can't be MIDI mapped. I find it very useful to map the min range parameter to a physical knob so I can easily influence where modulation starts while a parameter has been taken over by a max device. Is this something that would be possible to incorporate?

for some reason, I can get 3/4 off my rack to map to this. then the other 1/4 refuses to. I'm confused

When I saved the rack with 3/4 off it correct, I reopened and all of my mappings were gone.

not a real solution for the name of the encoders displaying on Push..but sort of...You can make an instrument rack with this device inside. Then map your knobs to the knobs in the instrument rack and rename them, then Push will show the names in the instrument rack..I know that you loose C and D knobs, but at least you get something

Wow, this thing is AWESOME! It (so far) works fine with Ableton 11.2. Super useful and easy to use. The curve grids are just pleasant to use. Super excited to macro map the mappings out of some macros...

Looks super nice, thanks!

This consistently crashes my Ableton 11.3, has anyone else had this issue? It just loads forever, until Live crashes.

I've noticed that the 'I' button that resets the dials is not MIDI-mappable, but is Key-mappable. Any idea why this is or if it can be fixed? Running Live 11.3 and OSX Sonoma 14.2.

Thank you tomdust, amazing stuff!

I might be slightly confused about the preset feature:

Do I see this correctly that the mappings itself are not saved in the preset, only the dials value and name?

In this case, would I need to Insert this device as multiple times until all the parameters are mapped, and then automate the on/off switch of the device?

Any help/approach is appreciated.

All the best, M

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