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@Reece if you are still wondering here is an article that describes the solution. It does break the UI for the slider, but otherwise seems to work.

Great device - I have a related question and maybe you or someone here can help me.

I'm sending NRPN messages into Ableton via my OB-6. I want to map an Ableton parameter to that message, or perhaps convert the NRPN into CC. Are there any existing devices that do something like this?

Bought this device, then realized it doesn't work for sustained audio. Intuitively you would think audio decreasing below the threshold would send a note off, but this is not the case. It will send instant note on and off when the threshold is crossed on the way up, and seemingly at random while audio is above the threshold.

Creator is unresponsive. Avoid.

The sender is super buggy. Can't count on it for a live set unfortunately. Does anybody know of a stable device that is similar?

Every time I load my sets the program number gets set to 1. Unfortunately a deal breaker, otherwise nice device.