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Name | Version: Weve Met Before - A reoccurring texture generator 1.01
Author: ylva
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: hi, here is a 7 min demo of the device in action, please watch it before you buy the release so you know what you get yourself into, it might not be everyones thing.

“We’ve Met Before” could best be described as a reoccurring texture and minimal rhythm generator.

it can sound like a lonely tree standing in a field with many oddments tied up to its branches. it can also sound like a haunted orchestra or a swarm of invisible insects. it will generate landscapes, drones and rhythmic pulses (free or quantized) which can be the foundation of a beat.

it also possible to process external signals (mainly made for drums, but sounds interesting on other sources as well) and integrate them into the overall sound. in body basic explanation of the parameters is included within the device.

Please note that the rhythmic elements of the device require lives transport to play.

requires live 10 or higher (built with live 11) , max 8.1 or higher.

i have used it extensively here:


Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Oct 14 2021 12:33:17
Date Last Updated: No Updates
Downloads: 0
License: AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives
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You've made a beautiful UI for this, and it's very cool how you've integrated this with your album release package.

Can you elaborate on how quantizing the rhythms works? I see the Quantize knob. I'm looking for tools that can generate clicks 'n' cuts that are aligned to a grid, whether it's 16th-notes or glitchy subdivisions that are a lot finer in resolution than that. So I can use them to spice up other drum loops.

The "antlers" section of your video looks related to what I have in mind.
thank you very much for the kind words. a good starting point for quantized rhythms would be to set the "travel" to 0, quantize to 100 and activity to taste (start with 25), and then make sure that live´s transport is playing. you can generate new complex sets of patterns with the "generate" button and use to "activity" knob to variate them. this will produce clicky repeating rhythms. you can set the length of the patterns with the "bar" control located above the "activity" knob. if you turn the "travel" knob up new percussive element will integrate into the rhythm.

hope this helps
looks really cool! just one question: i've read the describtion, but I'm not sure about one thing: is that a synth or effect-based plugin (means that i can use it in Ableton effect rack)?

Thx for your reply!
hi @ ancestralvision , its both, technically it resides in a max audio effect because you can process external signals but its also a synth
Hey yiva,
I would love to get the device. where can I find the purchase/download link?

lovely greetings,
Can you update the controls please? Not working well on Live 11

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