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Sun Drums Version 1.01
Temporarium Secretarium for the Digitone Version 1.02
Secret Friend. A Digitone Drum Pattern Generator Version 1.05
Weve Met Before - A reoccurring texture generator Version 1.01

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thanks galon, happy to hear.

hi @ ancestralvision , its both, technically it resides in a max audio effect because you can process external signals but its also a synth

thank you very much for the kind words. a good starting point for quantized rhythms would be to set the "travel" to 0, quantize to 100 and activity to taste (start with 25), and then make sure that live´s transport is playing. you can generate new complex sets of patterns with the "generate" button and use to "activity" knob to variate them. this will produce clicky repeating rhythms. you can set the length of the patterns with the "bar" control located above the "activity" knob. if you turn the "travel" knob up new percussive element will integrate into the rhythm.

hope this helps