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Name | Version: Harp 3.2
Author: Mortimyrrh
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Sound like a Virtuoso, No Practise Required!

1000+ Downloads - Thank You So Much!!

Harp is a Max for Live MIDI Effect, that transforms the way notes are played. You can play a chord in one hand and use a dial or LFO in the other to sweep though the notes in as many octaves as you like! This makes you sound like a virtuoso on any MIDI instrument with no practice required!

Works with Custom themes!

NB - You will need Java installed (this should already be done but max will prompt you if you need to do anything)

Install - Just place the .amxd file anywhere inside the User Library


Tested and working in Live 10 and 11
Tested and working in MacOS and Windows.


3.1 (24/02/20) - Init
3.2 (25/02/20) - Fixes JSUI errors and Harp.class not being found.


Live Version Used: 10.1.18
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Feb 25 2021 00:04:11
Date Last Updated: Jun 08 2023 23:09:06
Downloads: 0
License: None
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hi just trying this, ive dropped on a midi track in front of a synth but no midi seems to be passing through? thanks
It does not work an error has been detected,

Could not load class 'Harp'
jsui: Harp2_GUI.js: Javascript ReferenceError: c is not defined, line 101
jsui: error calling function paint [Harp2_GUI.js]
Hi, thanks for the feedback.

The JSUI error is graphical and only happens on load, it should still work.

The "Could not load class 'Harp'" is more problematic sounds like the .mxj is not loading with the device I will take a look today and update you later.
Hey, Just got the updated version uploaded.

v3.2 - Fixes JSUI errors and Harp.class not being found.

Let me know if you have any more problems :D
Yo.. no midi signal is still not coming thru... Love the idea. hope you will look into it again :)
Hmm, thanks for the feedback. I will continue working on it. Could you provide any more detail:
Does it produce any errors in the max console?
Do the notes appear in the LCD display (dark box in the middle)?
Is the Play Toggle enabled or in Auto Mode?

I tested it on another computer and it worked fine. To get it to play any notes you need to send in midi notes and move the Hand dial over them.
Looks nice, but you would also need to check if the right Java version installed. With older JRE it does no work...
I believe it is working for most if not all after the v3.2 update.

I'm using java version "1.8.0_281" - build 1.8.0_281-b09

Could you say what version it is not working for and I will trouble shoot the issue?

you can find out by typing "java -version" in terminal.

3.2 is working for me . Thank you
Had to install latest Java to get working, it does state this in description but i guess i missed it.

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