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Name/Version: VST Wrapper - supporting all parameters 1.1
Author: xanadu  
Description: December 2022. Version 1.1 has support for the Max standalone application to provide assignable MIDI mapping. It will work without a licence, but in that case saving is not possible.

With a little tweak we used to get a maximum of 128 parameters for VST instruments and effect in Ableton Live. Not anymore in the latest updates. There is no priority on repairing this in the near future.

As a work around I installed Live 8 Intro to get my 128 parameters back. Then I saved the VST in an .ALC file and reloaded that in Live 10. This works, but nah, it’s not what you want.

I’ve taken some Corona-lockdown-time to create a wrapper around VST plugins in MaxForLive. It can automatically create Live-parameters for all internal parameters of the VST. You can access these from any MaxForLive device you create. Also, these parameters are immediately integrated into the Push 2 infrastructure. You can edit the access of Push 2 in named banks.

There are two versions:
- 1 channel VST.Instrument wrapper
- 1 channel VST.Effect wrapper
It should be easy to construct a multichannel channel VST.Instrument wrapper, but perhaps there’s more to it than just create some extra audio outputs.

DIY. When MaxForLive first came out editing your own ‘patchers’ and devices was the natural thing to do. In recent years prebuilt devices came to the market, some of them only working with a payed license. This device is a step back in time. To use it you must use the MaxForLive editor to create the parameters for your VST. But don’t worry, there is a step-by-step getting started manual.

One step further is to customize the wrapper for your own needs. To get started there is a technical reference for the Max code, a MIDI sheet and a listing of the JavaScript code.

- Support for Audio Unit devices (Mac) – But I don’t have a Mac ;-)
- Editing Live Banks using a text editor, if there is public demand. Please ask in the comments.
- Multi channel versions (?).
- Further enhancements.

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Downloads: 772
Tags synth, effect, utility, beta, push
Live Version Used: 10.1.30
Max Version Used: 8.1.7
Date Added: Jan 22 2021 09:14:56
Date Last Updated: Dec 22 2022 13:52:39
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Device Type: midi_device
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Device File: VST Wrapper


wow, this is so cool! ?
Just brought my Mackie C4 to play nicely with Live11 but the unexposed parameter thing for lot of plugins were meh. So will definitely use this one.
Thank you!! :-)

There is a way to get the first 128 parameters in Live 11 by installing a version of Ableton that supports it. I've got a licence of Ableton 8 Lite that came with some some MIDI device. You should make an Options.txt file containing

When you load a VST you can save it as an .ALC file and load that in Live 11. Then you'll have your 128 max parameters in the latest and greatest version of Live.

Hi Xanadu,

thanks for providing this plugin!
I'm desperately looking for a way to control more than 128 parameters on a vital synth from my midi controller. Also, i'm a pretty new to Maxforlive and was wondering if it is directly possible to midi-map the parameters that your plugin creates. So far i saw that the plugin generates dials which can also be included in the presentation, but can't be midi-assigned.
What is the recommended workflow to get midi-mappabale parameters created?

Same request as maxanic, if there could be a way to make all the vst parameters accessible (I need to controll a vst with more then 500), I would be so relieved and gratefull.

Hi Maxanic and Marcus. I've not used midi-mapping parameters directly (yet). Don't know how to integrate it into this VST project. But I'm gonna take a look.

Hi xanadu, thanks for taking a look, many have stubled over this isue, the only things I found that solved this partiately is the Ubermap script, which is made for Push exclusively, and xmonsta made a commersial vst wrapper for the Diva plugin that solved this, and further the PrEditor 2 from Isotonik, which at the moment is in closed beta to make it work for Ableton 11.

Hi Marcus and Maxanic. It appears that MaxForLive has no support for MIDI mapping. Cycling '74 is owned by Ableton now, so you have to ask these companies for a solution.

MIDI mapping works with the standalone application Max. Max also supports AMXD files now. I've altered the VST.instument to support audio out and note input from a MIDI port. Forst the plugin is loaded in Ableton with MaxForLive. The parameters are created and the device is saved. This saved device is then opened in Max standalone. Now MIDI mapping can be assigned, but saving is only possible with an additional standalone licence.

Mapping with Push2 is possible and is documented in the manual.

To make midi mapping possible within MaxForLive additional code needs to be written. But that code can be reused for other MaxForLive devices that also are missing midi mapping.

Hi Marcus and Maxanic (and all others). To program the best solution I can I would like to ask a question: What MIDI Controllers are you using?

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