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Name | Version: Patchable Quad Slope Generator - Updated 1.1
Author: lorena
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: This module consists of four Attack Decay envelopes with adjustable rise and fall times. When connected, they create interrelated and overlapping rhythms. A similar system is at the heart of the modular synthesizer designed by Serge Tcherepnin.

They can each be cycled independently, functioning as 4 adjustable saw to triangle wave LFOs.

When one is patched to the other, the first will trigger a "one shot" cycle from the second when its Attack reaches its peak.

Two envelopes can be patched to trigger a third envelope, which can then be patched to trigger either of the first two. Each envelope output can be mapped to two parameters within Live.

*******Version 1.1*******

I forgot to pass the audio through the device! I've uploaded the corrected file, but you could also just add plugin~ and plugout~ to the one you already have downloaded.


Live Version Used: 10.15.1
Max Version Used: 8.1.5
Date Added: Jul 31 2020 22:26:27
Date Last Updated: Aug 20 2020 18:46:56
Downloads: 858
License: None
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Device File: QuadSlope.amxd


I'm not sure if I have this device set up correctly. When I add the device after a VST or after an Audio Clip, the audio does not pass through. So the workaround is to set up a separate track just for this device and map the parameters from there.
sleepycycle -- total no brainer, I forgot to pass the audio through! Just uploaded the corrected version, but if you want to fix it in yours you just add a plugin~ and plugout~ object and connect the outputs of the first to the inputs of the second!
Very interesting device !
Do you think you could add an option to have the lengths in beats/sync instead of free time ? I think it could make some cool euclidean rhythms
Mecanigue22 -- interesting idea! I think right now the triggering from one envelope to the other is a little too "loose" (new cycle is triggered when line reaches .9 instead of .99 to avoid issues with vector size) for it to quantize properly, especially with fast envelopes. A long term goal is to re-work this device once I take a class on gen~, which would allow for exact triggering as well as the envelopes to get up to audio rate like the original Serge!
I'd be glad to help but unfortunately the only thing I know about gen~ is : "it's hard".
Keep up the good work :-)
Hi lorena, I found this thing on the cycling forum, maybe it can help :-)

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