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Hi lorena, I found this thing on the cycling forum, maybe it can help :-)

Nice ! It works great now, thanks :-)

Hi ! Great work !

I found a few bugs :

- The chances of randomizing the steps 2-16 don't work for me, the only way to make it work is to raise the chance of the 1st step

- The 15th step random button is not clickable ("ignore click" is enable in the patch)

I'd be glad to help but unfortunately the only thing I know about gen~ is : "it's hard".
Keep up the good work :-)

Very interesting device !
Do you think you could add an option to have the lengths in beats/sync instead of free time ? I think it could make some cool euclidean rhythms

Hi, thanks for this device !
However for me the floating window makes everything laggy in ableton, is it normal ?

Thanks for this device ! It 's simple, work well and don't use a lot of CPU.
However I found a little bug : I can't get a precise value for the "Pitch" macros.
For each value, like +12 for exemple, if I do it with the mouse I can switch to +11,5 and +12,3 even if it still display "+12".

Hi, thanks for this great idea of device !
However for me the "Copy" button is always toggled, which makes the notes to all be echoed. The only workaround to echo just one note is to keep the button clicked with the mouse, or map it to a controller...

Same for me, the Tourin Machine produces notes with sustain, which is a problem...

Thanks !

Hi nozric, and thanks for this great device.

I have a small problem : the presets I've saved in the device disappear each time I re-open the set, do you know why?

Hi, the "random notes" function doesn't work anymore for me in live 10...

Hey, thanks for this device, i bought it and really loved it.

If you have time to improve it and make it perfect, could you make a 0-100% knob that randomly mute outcoming notes ?

Hey, would it be possible to add a button to lock to the current parameter?