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Name | Version: Brums 1.1
Author: s8jfou
Device Type: Instrument
Description: Brums is an advanced drum synthesizer.

4 Operators creating 4 differents drum sounds.

Each Operator have three sound sources with short envelope. Two oscillators, one noise source with 3 different resonant filters, a tape delay, a little reverb, an overdrive and many other abilities like random panning, unstability, gated random delay time, FM possibility between the two oscillators, dephasing, 4 different waveforms for each oscillator, LFO, many velocity routing possibilities etc.

Brums is close to the famous and great Microtonic by Soundcharge, but more focused on sounds.
This device is able to send Each Operator sounds to separate audiotrack, which is useful to add audio effect and mix only one Operator.

Watch demo here :

Brums is a free Max for Live device, but it's thousands hours of work. if you want to support me you can donate anything via paypal to :

** V1.1 bug fixed : random all was acting on every device in the same session. It's now independant for each instance of Brums.


Live Version Used: 10.1.6
Max Version Used: 8.1
Date Added: May 29 2020 16:21:25
Date Last Updated: Sep 24 2022 18:20:45
Downloads: 3223
License: None
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Device File: Brums.amxd


Nice, thanks!
unique! thanks
fiddly, but sounds mental!
Amazing works. Would be dope if OP1 was actually just one channel controllable with pitch. I'll try to edit it
this one is super killer! the only thig I can ask >>> is it possible to make fully controllable from push 2? yes, there're macros, but not all parameters are accessible and only 16 macros is definitely not enough. otherwise it's the best m4l thing I ever seen : )
Very nice work! Thanks a lot.
Looks cool!

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