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Name/Version: Pomodoro 1.0
Author: pATCHES  
Description: When you break it down, music production is an exercise in both creativity and productivity. Without a mindful approach to the latter, it’s easy to end up lost in meandering exploration. I’ve found it helpful to “outsource” the structure of my work to external, objective guidance and one of my favorites systems for this is the Pomodoro timer. This device puts the productivity clock directly into the Live set to assist with tracking and committing to the goals you set for your session.

Keep Focus
The idea behind this device is straightforward — start the timer as a commitment to a short sprint. “Whatever happens, I can and will make forward progress for 25 minutes.” That’s a specific, measurable, achievable goal, whether it’s to limit the time you’ll spend seeking a preset, programming a beat, or improvising different melodies.

At the end of the work period, take a break, no matter what you’re working on or where you’re at. It’s very easy to lose yourself in a marathon session, throwing yourself at the same problem over and over again. Take that moment to step away. Go on a walk, meditate, catch up on email, read an article. A short respite can be just what’s needed to return to the problem with clarity, fresh eyes and ears and ideas.

Are there any advantages to having the Pomodoro clock in your Live set versus any of the other great existing productivity apps? Not entirely, this is mostly a fun, experimental, and low-rent solution to getting started with Pomodoro’ing.

You’ll find a few minor-yet-useful features take advantage of Ableton integration, however. At the end of a work cycle, for instance, the transport will stop (so long as you aren’t recording) to encourage you to really, truly take a break for a bit. The system doesn’t work if you use the break to check “one more thing” or “just finish up”, so a little reminder that the work cycle is ended can be a great help.

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Tags utility, other
Live Version Used: 10.1.7
Max Version Used: 8.1.1
Date Added: Feb 07 2020 18:17:08
Date Last Updated: Feb 07 2020 18:17:18
Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None


Great idea ?

Oups... great idea with smile not "?" :D


This will be very helpful! Thank you very much.

Amazing. I get more music done, my ears are less strained and my flat has never been tidier from all the cleaning I get done in the breaks.

I love this one. I do much shorter pre-planned tasks like"record new bass line" or whatever, so tend to skip the breaks.
Thank you @pATCHES!

The timer you provide has the best design in my opinion. Thanks.

This would be great for timing a specific part of a liveset I'm going to play, but the floating window is way too tiny. Is there any way to make it bigger?

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