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Name | Version: Geiger LFO - Randomized On-Off Modulation 1.6
Author: GlintEye
Device Type: Audio Effect
Description: Update 1.6:

added a new Modulation Mode that makes the control and amount knobs independant from each other. So you can set the amount knob somewhere and whenever the LFO "turns on" it will always be back at this value, no matter where you set the control knob. great for things like dialing in a specific frequency on a very resonant filter and still be able to move the filter freely. access mode through "F" Button next to "Uni - Bi" Button.


Update 1.5:

- changed mapping system
- 4 additional mapping targets
- reworked modulation control (Amount Knob is now Bi-Directional, Switch between Unipolar and Bipolar modulation)
- tweaked the smoothing (A, D) behaviour
- added randomization for Mod Amount + a probability slider for Mod Amount randomization + directional control over Mod Amount RND (+/-, +, -)


It's a Parameter Control LFO based on the Idea of having small, regular or irregular "On/Off" bursts of Parameter changes.

Randomization for LFO Rate, Length, Mod Amount and a main Slider for the Probability of a Parameter change occuring.

With the right settings and the right parameter being modulated it can kind of sound like a Geiger Counter. Therefore the Name.

Have fun :)


Live Version Used: 11
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Jan 15 2020 15:49:12
Date Last Updated: Aug 25 2021 21:25:28
Downloads: 1188
License: None
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Device File: Geiger LFO.amxd


this is a fantastic device - a version with multiple mapping outputs would be a dream
Could be useful

Version 1.5 now comes with multiple mapping targets
A smooth function would be awesome :)
@Kartoushh right there. the "A" and "D" Slider

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