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Name/Version: Droplets 1.1
Author: unicity  
Description: Droplets is made up of four note events, each called a droplet. A droplet is dropped from a certain height, and when it reaches the ground that droplet is triggered. Each droplet is composed of a base pitch, velocity, duration and trigger probability. A droplet drops at its own clock rate (relative to Live's tempo), and features an interval offset list processing section that enables each droplet to create a melody or chord centered on the base pitch. A single instance of Droplets can output four independent melodic sequences simultaneously.

A droplet's height can be subject to one of four rules when that droplet is triggered (increment, decrement, positive random offset, negative random offset).

Outgoing notes can have their pitch quantized to a variety of scales. Each droplet can also be set to transpose its base pitch by incoming MIDI notes.

New Features added in version 1.1!

Each droplet can now output a sequence of chord shapes via a simple syntax in the Interval Offsets area. The chords are built on the base pitch set via the note and oct knobs for each droplet.

Here are the shapes currently implemented in the chord syntax:

p - fifth
t - triad
ti - triad 1st inversion
tii - triad 2nd inversion
t7 - 7th
t7i - 7th 1st inversion
t7ii - 7th 2nd inversion
t7iii - 7th 3rd inversion
s2 - sus2
s2i - sus2 1st inversion
s2ii - sus2 2nd inversion
s4 - sus4
s4i - sus4 1st inversion
s4ii - sus4 2nd inversion

Triads and Seventh chords are generated as Major chords. The Major/Minor qualities are handled downstream by the pitch quantizer. I know this is kind of goofy, but we’re sequencing notes with integers offsetting base pitches dropped from heights…it’s all kind of goofy in here and that’s ok.

Note that chords, intervals and rests can exist in the offset list at the same time, like so:

0 4 ti r t7iii 0 -5 r p

Aside from chords, version 1.1 also contains the following updates:

- A detailed built-in help section above the Interval Offsets area that I’m hoping will make sense of how it’s intended to be used.

- Each droplet can have the base pitch transposed by incoming MIDI note via the “Key” button. This is set per droplet so you can have a melody transposing over a sequence of chords (or another melody) that doesn’t transpose.

- Each droplet can have a lag applied to the trigger to keep things from feeling too rigid.

- A droplet will display the currently active offset value that is being applied from the Interval Offsets area.

- A droplet’s duration can now be set up to 10 seconds.

- Minor OCD UI adjustments.

- Fixed a few issues with the Interval Offsets area not processing in the correct order.


There is more documentation (work in progress) at the github page for this project. Follow the link below!

Note that the parameters for this device are mapped for use in Push, but the values for the "Note" parameter are not displayed correctly. Working on fixing this at some point.

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Downloads: 2148
Tags sequencer, other, push
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.1.0
Date Added: Dec 23 2019 17:01:48
Date Last Updated: Jan 16 2020 23:24:31
Average Rating (3) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike

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Device File: Droplets.amxd


It is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

this is amazing. thanks for sharing 10/10

Great device, having lots of fun with this. One issue, it fills up the Undo buffer when the Rules are engaged. I think you change Parameter Visibility on the controls for Height?

Thank you Kuzma and jigerry1 and Razzkazz!

Razzkazz: I was trying to find a way around the undo buffer filling up, but I couldn't see a way to do that without breaking support for Push - when I change the Parameter Visibility for the heights, I can no longer map the height controls. What I really need is an option along the lines of "make this control mappable but exclude it from the undo buffer".

I'm probably just missing something silly with regards to this issue but I haven't had time to really try and figure it out.


Good idea!

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