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Name/Version: lil pup 3.0
Author: rjonline00  
Description: Lil pup is a utility that generates random looping sequences. The output can range from simple to complex depending on how you set it up. Every time you click “New” Lil pup will make its next pattern and loop forever until you change it. There are lots of parameters to adjust how Lil pup will behave but you will very rarely get the same output twice.

Now featuring eight pulse sends across two sequences (page 2). This turns each of the smartphones devices into a "lil pup expander" allowing you to integrate their functions into your sequences.


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Downloads: 3894
Tags sequencer, utility, hardware
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Oct 20 2019 02:40:26
Date Last Updated: Aug 28 2020 01:58:17
Average Rating (8) 5
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Device Type: midi_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: lil pup.amxd


Thanks for sharing!

I must admit that I have never been so impressed by a device. Putting an instance of Lil Pup in front of GB.ArpHelper and then Tal U-No-60 along with some reverb and delay and I was entertained for hours in a peaceful ambiance. Thank you so much for contributing such an inspiring work!

Thanks so much plastikbjo! Yes it works really well with other midi effects too. My favorite is finding a slower setting on lil pup and running it thru xfer records Cthulhu for lots of pretty chords

Really enjoying this but seems to be sporadically working for me - can't fathom why or what i'm doing wrong.

Sometimes it doesn't seem to matter how many times I press new or start the sequencer I get no output ? I can get a burst of sound by clicking new, but it doesn't seem to then run the sequence...I have transport running.

Any ideas appreciated

Hey nev101, loop a single midi note and send it thru lil pup. It waits for a note before starting a sequence. You're not alone quickstart guide coming in v2.

Many thanks and look forward to version2!

Love this

Quickly becoming my favourite sequencer. Absolutely loving this, thanks.

I think its a good tiny idea ...the developers must check some issues 4 a better functionality

as of 2023 April, the url is reported as unsafe.

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