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Name/Version: Auto Scene Launcher 1.3
Author: Panosla  
Description: ASL is a max for live device that is using clip names and/or automation to automatically launch scenes in Ableton Live. The device is using the clip name to set the function of the device, such as next/previous/go to scene, and a midi note is used to fire the according scene.

Minimum Requirements:
Ableton Live 10.0.4
Max 8.0.2

For more information take a look at this demo:

New Update

ASL V1.3

Change log:
New engine for reading the clip names.
Introduction of separate manual and auto mode (Manual can be used either with automation or midi mappings, auto is utilising the clip name).

Bug Fixes:
Fixed a bug that would prevent the device from working properly when the track that contains the device is moved, other tracks are created before the device or expanding/minimising group tracks.

Device Details

Tags utility
Live Version Used: 10.0.6
Max Version Used: 8.0.2
Date Added: Feb 28 2019 19:45:30
Date Last Updated: Apr 15 2019 14:09:55
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


I bought this, but cannot get it to work. I set it up the same way as the video, but it does not advance scenes.

The device has been updated to address the issue.

Just bought it and unfortunately it crashes live 10.0.4 after I run the "Next" command. More specifically, when I try to change the length of the clip. Ableton crashes when the I click on the note to try to move it.

Unfortunately it's also now not going beyond 2 scenes.. it's just looping scene 2 over and over and won't venture into the "Next" scene.

Hello Mec! I have already contacted you about the issue. Please get back to me in the email that comes with the device so I can provide some support on the issue. The device is a fairly simple use of the Live's API. Some m4l or modified remote scripts (that use the live's API) can prevent the device from working properly. Skyelab had that issue and it was an m4l device in his that would cause the problem and he had to quit Ableton and restart it with the device. When you got the chance send me an email so we can work this out.


I bought the device, thinking that the "next" button will continuously play the next scene, so I can assign it to a sample pad and you need only one pad for launching the next scene. But it seems that you need one "next" button / midi clip per scene? Is that correct? If so what`s the advantage of the device anyway? because it seems you need as many "next" clips as scenes. thanks for an answer

Hello kidkalk That's correct, you need as many "next" midi clips as your scenes. The reason I developed this device is to make it easier to jump from scene to scene in an automated way. traditionally this can be done without the device in Ableton by using the follow actions. The issue is that it would require to create dummy clips and then, select them all together, assign a follow action and then assign after how many bars you would like for the follow action to execute. With this device, this process is getting much simpler and quick because its way easier to simply name, adjust length of a clip and add a note to trigger the function. Now in your case, if all your scenes are of the same length simply duplicate the first "next" midi clip as many times as you need. If they are of different lengths then you can still duplicate it and then adjust the length of your clip and trigger note. I hope this helps. Panos

Love this device. Wondering if you could make a version that is just for one track maybe to the immediate left or right of the track the device is on?

Hey @Pansola - after some researching it seems Tom Cosm already made a device that does essentially the same thing, but does rather relies on MIDI note trigger vs clip name. Check it out:


My settings.

Mac OS [ Live10 Preferences ->Launch -> Select Next Scene on Launch ->ON ]

This makes the scene selection strange.

Is there a solution?

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