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Name/Version: Chord-O-Mat 3.3
Author: lqud  
Description: Chord-O-Mat 3 is a Max for Live Chord Library and Trigger Device for Ableton Live 10 with Push integration.
It’s designed to have quick access to the chords in a Scale, to explore Chords, make chord progressions and play Live.
With the Instant Scale Device you’re able to make harmony changes over your whole Live Project. The Instant Scale Device is MPE compatible

​Features of Chord-O-Mat 3:
- More than 40 Scales
- All Scales from Push 1, 2 & 3.
- Shows all Chords from the selected Scale.
- Automatically maps all chords to your Keyboard, so you're able to Trigger a chord with one key.
- create Custom Chord Sets
- make Chord Progressions with your Midiclips.
- clear User Interface.
- Strumming.
- Octave Designer to add or remove Notes from a chord
- integration of Push 1 & Push 2
- min. System Requirements: Ableton Live 10 / Max for Live 8
- Scaleable GUI (since Version 3.0.6)

Version 3.3. brings Push 3 Compatibility

check the Video here:

Device Details

Tags sequencer, utility, push
Live Version Used: 10
Max Version Used: 8.1
Date Added: Nov 21 2018 09:33:40
Date Last Updated: Dec 23 2023 21:32:34
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Am looking for a auto accompaniment device which detects Chords played by my left hand & plays a set of user-programmed chord patterns (bass line, comping etc), Is this possible through this device?

It gives you a slection of the chords of the scale and you can trigger them and it pitches the incomming midi Notes to the selected scale, but it can`t detect the chords you`re playing.

What about "borrowed chords" and key switches?

The Octave Designer is a really great idea.

I'd really like the option to view the roman numerals for the chords. I like to orientate myself around functional harmony and when i can only see the Chord Names with note names i always have to recount which index this chord was relative to the tonic.

oh and i kind of find the push layout for exploring chords in the selected scale a bit confusing. why this snail house type thingie?
why not just stack the choices in lines from bottom row to top row or top to bottom? just not this snail house thing =)

otherwise i appreciate the hard work. its a great device. :)

Will do things scaler vst will not?

hello.fixed record clip please..push loopback not working

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