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Name/Version: MUDA - mute to disable all devices in that track 1.0
Author: michaelterren  
Description: This utility device will switch off all devices on a track when you mute that track. Similarly, it will re-enable them when you un-mute the track. This can be handy for all sorts of CPU-saving reasons.

This device was originally posted as part of a series of blog posts about programming in Max for Live at Noisemaker Academy, which has since deprecated.

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Downloads: 2102
Tags utility
Live Version Used: 9.7.6
Max Version Used: 7.3.5
Date Added: Jun 09 2018 02:13:37
Date Last Updated: Not updated yet
Average Rating (5) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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License (more info): None

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Device File: MUDA.amxd


so cool

Super simple, super useful, super efficient. What a great little device. Immediately made it into my user library.

This is such a great utility device and I've added it immediately to my default audio an midi track.

This for the Solo function as well would be killer.

I love this, thank you. Feature request: if put on a group it will turn off everything inside the group

@andstrat: Yeah, I think making a version that'll turn off a track's devices if another track is solo'd would be feasible and quite easy. I'll have a go this week.

@moserobert: I'd like this too, but it is substantially more difficult. Max for Live can detect a group track, and if a track is grouped, but can't easily find a relationship between the two, so there's no way to tell Max to detect the grouped tracks inside a group track. It should work fine for tracks with Instrument Racks and Drum Racks, but for now, you'll have to mute each track individually.

it solves the very popular problem of muting drum_rack-located external instruments via Push!
i was in the middle of making my own patch, because that feature is crucial for me. I made the first half, but was struggling to disable devices via m4l, and found your device while googling that specific thing =)
i was searching for that kind of device before doing my own patch, but haven't succeed finding it..
much love!!! thank you very, very much!

it would be a good modification only to mute the audio rack the mude device is located in...

this allows to have other racks and devices embedded which are always off. (for comparison and testing settings)

and it still will effectively disable all audio devices with less cpu usage.

maybe i will do this modification.

Hi, Thank you for this great cpu-saver.
I noticed one missing feature, which would come really handy:
It doesn't work with grouped tracks if I put this on the main track of the group.
Can that be implemented?

Thank you.

I'm on Live Beta 11.1. Not sure if it's an issue with Ableton or the actual Device but all works well & fine... until I move the track channel up or down and rearrange and then try to mute - it stops working. Can be repeated when tested in this order.

On Live 11.

Very very very good idea but...

I've installed it on each track (about 60).
It's getting slowly chen I want to add/delete.

I made a test in a free template (no return)
I only need 6 second to duplicate 256 audio tracks
If I a MUDA on each track, it's 48 second to duplicate the 256 tracks.

I don't have this problem with stock plug-in.

>An idea to optimize the plugin ?

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