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About CharlyBeck: I'm into programming and music since the early 90s. I primarly like producing techno music and object oriented high level programming in c#.
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Automize Midi Controller Version 1.0
Moog Minitaur Control Version 1.0
Dynamic EQ Version 1.0
Charlynator Version 1.2
MidiCtrlStepSequencer Version 1.0
SignalAnalyzer Version 1.0
Signal Analyzer RMS Version 1.0
Mixdown Restore Version 1.0
CbHitMachine Version 0.3.3
CbKickMachine Version 0.2
FeedbackLoopDetector Version 0.1
SubCut Version 0.7
MsEncoderAndDecoder Version 1.0
CbElectraOneLogMsgToCc Version 1.0
Signal Analyzer RMS Plus Version 1.0
CbLoopRecorder Version 1.0
Apex Step Sequencer Version 1.0
SyncDelay-Delay Version 1.0
SyncDelay-Detect Version 1.0

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Surely possible, i need to find the time. The overdub is inspiring: You could have checkboxes to overdub certain regions. or record several loops and switch between the samples using a step sequencer. some kind of slicing device...

hi hpoille,

i'm not sure if i understood correctly, but i think the clear answer is: this variant of the algorithm does not deal with audio levels. it just detects feedback loops and provides the disabled state for the matrix controll so a user can not produce such a feedback loop.

the 2nd point is, that i stopped the approach in m4l. instead i created a clr wrapper for coding max externals in c#.

I put a brief description of the project here:

In the project the feedback loop detection is implemented in c#. This is way simpler than doing it m4l. Aside it didn't work correctly because ableton live has problems if the m4l patch is recursive.

it would be a good modification only to mute the audio rack the mude device is located in...

this allows to have other racks and devices embedded which are always off. (for comparison and testing settings)

and it still will effectively disable all audio devices with less cpu usage.

maybe i will do this modification.

hi broah, check the device-url. i just uploaded a tutorial video to youtube,

Appendix: This device is built for sending Midi controllers to external hardware synths.

As far as i see there is currently no way to automate single midi controllers in the automation view. Using this device makes it possible.

Note: We are not talking about software synths here. Those parameters can be natively automated in the automation view. as broah mentioned...

On which parameter? As far as i know midi cc can only be automated inside the clip..... shame on me if there's allready a solution ;-)

Thank you Threshold is actually what the Duck Control does. (It is not an academic apporach i have some nerdy calculation for the ducking and i remember it was not so easy to parametrize attack and release with it)

low/High shelf sould be also possible easily When i find some time i'll do this. :-)