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Name | Version: FeedbackLoopDetector 0.1
Author: CharlyBeck
Device Type: Instrument
Description: Academic approach. (This device is only for research and has no benefit/functionality for users)

This device detects feedback loops in a signal matrix/signal flow graph definition.

How the signal flow matrix works:

Following rules apply for this signal matrix:
- Left side are inputs
- top side are outputs
- In1/Out1 is the main input/output of the device
- The rest of the in/outs are internal routings
- The internal output is connected to the appropriate internal input
- So for n > 1 applies: out[n] is connected to in[n]
- This is why feedback loops may occur if the wrong routing is activated by setting the dot in the matrix.

How i plan to use this:

Later, for each dot in the matrix there will be one "subdevice" which can instanciate a vst plugin.

Using the signal matrix the order and paralel processing of the plugins can be redefined by simply changing the buttons in the matrix.


Live Version Used: 10.1.9
Max Version Used: 8.1.3
Date Added: Apr 29 2020 18:50:57
Date Last Updated: May 01 2020 14:12:51
Downloads: 160
License: AttributionNonCommercialNoDerivatives
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Device File: CbKickMachine4.amxd


hi ! do you think this could be used to dynamicaly control the amount of volume being feed in a feedback system so it never goes full larsen, but making a living instrument ? it would be awesome
hi hpoille,

i'm not sure if i understood correctly, but i think the clear answer is: this variant of the algorithm does not deal with audio levels. it just detects feedback loops and provides the disabled state for the matrix controll so a user can not produce such a feedback loop.

the 2nd point is, that i stopped the approach in m4l. instead i created a clr wrapper for coding max externals in c#.

I put a brief description of the project here:

In the project the feedback loop detection is implemented in c#. This is way simpler than doing it m4l. Aside it didn't work correctly because ableton live has problems if the m4l patch is recursive.

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