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Name | Version: Wavepeek 1.2
Author: dirkdebruin
Device Type: Instrument
Description: Wavepeek is a synthesizer with a wave-shaping section that is meant to be easy to understand but very capable of creating interesting waveforms at the same time. It gives you full control over two sets of waveforms and morph between them using an EG, LFO, or manually. It works best when you use the shape as a filter, so make the bottom waveforms smoother and lower but you can do some other crazy stuff with it as well.

Version 1.1: Thanks to Alex for finding and fixing the bugs! Sliders can be controlled again by dragging.
Version 1.2: Much gentler on the CPU, slightly dirtier sound


Live Version Used: 10.1.25
Max Version Used: 8.1.8
Date Added: Apr 16 2018 16:48:10
Date Last Updated: Nov 21 2020 12:49:51
Downloads: 7064
License: AttributionShareAlike
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Device File: Wavepeek 1.2.amxd


Nice! Really cool!

Seems the LFO1's Sync mode isn't working.
Really great design
btw - the sync mode works for me - did you push PLAY?
LOL, no, had totally forgotten, it is indeed working fine.

Very cool so far! I'd like to see more modulation options, but this + the Max LFO's + EQ8 + Envelope is amazing!
Thanks! Yeah I tried it with a lot of M4L LFO's attached and that worked fine so I didn't see the need to add more inside of this device. Maybe I'll release a separate LFO that goes with this synth using a similar custom wave-shape section.
This is a great device! One possible bug - not all of the waves smoothly interpolate -- it looks like the 2nd OSC1 wave has a jump morph at the very end, whereas 2nd osc 2 wave morphs fine from either first wave of osc 1 or first wave of osc 2.
@fmsynthesis, thanks! Not sure what you mean though, maybe the curve parameter for Osc1 is at an extreme value? Can show me a screen recording of what's happening? (find me on yt/ig/fb)
@dirkdebruin, my apologies -- you are correct the curve was at an extreme value. that just shows how flexible this synth is! thanks for your patience.
this is a modern classic already imho.
used it all night yesterday and still very impressed and definetly is in my favorites toolbox now (which is quite minimal).

not sure if you want requests and suggestions but im looking forward to more devices from you this year (including jitter video stuff..your pixel sorter is amazing)
FYI Push2 needs the max4live device to have live.banks added and Parameter Banks configured - otherwise no parameters are mapped to the push knobs.

here are the instructions for the beta forum -

"6. Reopen the device in the Max editor.
7. Create a new [live.banks] Max object.
8. Toggle out of Edit mode (Command+E on Mac)
9. Double click with the mouse on the [live.banks] object to open the Parameter Banks editor window
10. For each control to be mapped, find a slot in the bank and dial number of your choice
11. Close the Parameter Banks window
12. Save the device and go back to Live
Now at this point, you are not quite done yet. It appears that the bank parameter controls are only loaded/mapped to the controller (the APC for me, presumably a Push, too) when the device is newly inserted on a track or the track is loaded when a Live Set loads. That is, saving and closing the device in the Max editor does not load the control mappings to the APC. So to finish confirming that the live.banks object works:
13. Delete the device from the track
14. Add the device back to the track
15. Turn the dials on the controller to see that they are mapped"
Thanks hatyn! Are we already connected somewhere? (I don't recognise your username) I would like to chat with you about your ideas!
What a crazy thing.
Thanks I guess? :p
Very nice synth for fast and interesting results. It can be pretty hungry for a processing power though.
This is a very polished device, honestly I think you could charge a few bucks for it. Love the execution and sound.
On the subject of controller assignments, any idea how I could use the macro buttons instead of the encoders to correspond with buttons on a m4l device? That is, instead of using a macro knob on Push to toggle the state of a button, to actually use a button to work as a button!

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