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This is a very polished device, honestly I think you could charge a few bucks for it. Love the execution and sound.

Great device. However I notice that having two devices enabled on the same track leads to weird behavior. Changing the curve of one seems to change the other.

Very nicely done! By deselecting the "imp" button and limiting to Voices = 1, I'm able to play Live's software instruments in mono (I set pitchbend to 1 octave in the instrument settings). I was hoping to get polyphony by splitting out notes sent to channels 2 to track 2, channel 3 to track 3 etc. but couldn't make it work. I don't have a hardware synth but I did try LoopBe1 ( virtual midi device to route the signals, no luck. Anything I try is Connection Failure, even when deactivating ports out in settings (I'm on Windows).

Would be cool if you could add polyphony for software instruments by routing the 2nd, 3rd, etc. keys held to individual tracks with their own instruments. Also would like to load my own Scala tuning files, but nice to see all the tuning options already available.

Well done. One use is bending pitch in a more natural way than using a second hand on the pitch bend wheel--feels especially right for a stringed instrument. Somewhat surprising this isn't built into the product.