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Name/Version: articulaCtion 1.3.1
Author: Crampe  
Description: a straightforward MaxForLive midi device to control articulation changes/keyswitches à la Cubase Expression Map/ Logic Pro Articulation ID.

Easy to set up. Control your big sampler (Kontakt, EastWest Play, MachFive, UVI...) librairies articulations/keyswitches with automation lanes, from the device, Push or any midi controller.

MPE compatibility

- 10 more articulation slots (total = 20)
- small GUI issues fix

added Push mapping (After setting your articulations names, you might need to select another track or device and come back to your track/device for the articulations to appear correctly on your Push display.)

various bug fixes

Live 8 minimum

Device Details

Tags sampler, utility, push
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Mar 22 2018 13:05:59
Date Last Updated: Feb 09 2022 19:43:22
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Do you have any videos explaining how this works? I'm interested.

Hey bdumaguina
That's very straightforward:
- Put the device before your e.g Kontakt.
- Enter your articulations' names and their corresponding note number in the settings window. Click save and you're done.
- Now you simply change your articulations/keyswitches by drawing automations (the articulations names appear), from the device menu chooser, or from Push (were the articulations names are also displayed).

This is great, thank you! It's now a default on all my vsl and kontakt racks. :) There is one minor thing, where after changingthe names of the articulations wouldn't update. Simply saving it again solves that problem though.

I'm aware of this issue, this is due to the fact that I'm populating the articulations in a hack-y way in order to have them displayed on Push while still being able to change them dynamically.
Simply selecting an other track and going back to your original one is another way to solve this "bug", no need to save.

Very useful!

Would it be possible to increase the maximum number of articulations from 10 to something like 30?

No worries, I modified it to handle 32. Hope thats okay with you.

Hey Audioguy,
Sorry I didn't notice your message.
No worries, that's the beauty of M4L !


Could you please change the background colour for the text? It's really difficult to read.

Hey Andreas,

Sorry I havent noticed your message earlier.
I'll patch an update with more articulations asap (and no I didn't promised anything previously).

@rockguycris: and I'll fix this color thing at the same time


Any update?

If you are planning to update the tool (to address maybe more than 10 or so articulations) - may I humbly suggest also looking at MIDI port addressing also? It would be amazing to be able to use the full 64 channel slots that Kontakt allows for.

Anyway - great tool and thanks again for sharing with us all.

Updated to 1.3:
10 more articulation slots available (20 total).
Changed the choosers background color.

unfortunately M4L is still very limited in this regard, and I'm afraid this is not something possible atm.

Went here to ask for more slots, and was happy to see that you have already added 10 more - thank you for this device. I'm using it a lot with EastWest products :)

Keyswitch only?I want to switch different Instrument I loaded in my Kontakt in one track,something like Cubase Expression Map.Is this idea going to work?

OK?I fond the way

Great device, Thank You!

Now I tried it with the VSL Synchron Player, and it works, but affects only the first articulation of the interface. How would you affect all articulation slots further to the right of the Synchron Player?

I'd be glad to post a screenshot of the interface, if possible

Hey norberto,

Sorry I don't have the VSL player to check.
What midi messages those 2nd and 3rd columns (this is what you're talking about, right?) are expecting?

Is there any documentation for this device? I just purchased this on Gumroad and the only thing included in the download was the amxd file. It's not straightforward at all. It seems like all this supports is keyswitches. I was hoping this would have parity with Logic's "Articulation Sets" or Cubase's "Expression Maps", both of which have way more articulations mapped in addition to the default keyswitches in the Kontakt library. Is there any way to import or convert the articulation sets into this device or does it only support keyswitches?

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