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Name/Version: ArmTrick - Audio Version 1.0
Author: meandthe  
Description: ArmTrick v1.0

Hello everyone,

This m4l device arms one or several tracks.

I wasn't able to affect a "Toggle" switch to a track’s Arm button in Ableton so I made this device.
It's very useful when you want to use lightning pad and see the Arm button's state on a track.

I use it with my Akai LPD and my Arturia MiniLab but i'm sure that it can be useful for other MIDI Controllers.

The great thing is you can use as many device as you want in a project.

You have tree ways to affect your MIDI Controller in the arm section: a button, a dial and a toggle. Use the best for your controller. For exemple, the Akai LPD8 works with the dial and the arturia MiniLab with the toggle button...

The Midi Controller you want to use has to be in Remote Mode (in your Live's preferences) and it needs to send CC info (not notes).

Classic Mode
Apply the device to a track, affect the device's Arm button to the pad you want (using cmd+M or ctrl+M) and that's it.

MultiTrack Mode
In this mode, you can choose how many tracks you want arm and it will arm the next X tracks.
I use it for my ROLI Seaboard Rise since it needs 16 MIDI tracks to work, but you may want to use it for something else.

In this mode, you can choose the tracks you want to arm (16 tracks max).

There is an MIDI Effect version AND an Audio Effect version (if you like the device stays above or after everything :)

That is my first m4l device so please let me know if you have some trouble or improvement to share.

Enjoy the arm trick :)


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Downloads: 577
Tags effect, utility, other, hardware, m4lhackevent
Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.0.0
Date Added: Jan 21 2018 01:32:09
Date Last Updated: Feb 17 2018 13:36:25
Average Rating (1) 5
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Device Type: audio_device
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Device File: ArmTrick-AudioVersion.amxd


Hi mate...create device, I was just trying to get the same thing working for my live set-up. Is there a way I can have the following work?:

I have 3 midi tracks which I switch between arming for live playing. So I would need the arming to toggle. So have one set-up that arms synth 1 (and toggles arm off for synths 2 and 3), another way to arm 2 (and toggle 1


..and 3 off) etc. At the moment, I can create the arming of the various tracks, but the exclusive are is not preserved so I end up with 2 tracks armed. Is what I am trying possible with this device.

great work for your 1st device...useful for me. thx

Hello Pottz,
I think that's possible using chains, right?
Or i didn't understand what you want.
May be this can be helpfull:

Hi meanthe,

Thanks for this device. However, FreeMode doesn't seem to be working for me, as it only arms the first track selected (the top left one). Are there any know issues with FreeMode? I'm using the latest version of both Live (10.1.18) and Max (8.1.15).

Thank you for this nice device :)

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