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ArmTrick - MIDI Version Version 1.0
ArmTrick - Audio Version Version 1.0
SoloTrick Version 1.0

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I guess so, for this version.
I'm working on an update, but m4l is quite time consuming.

Hello Pottz,
I think that's possible using chains, right?
Or i didn't understand what you want.
May be this can be helpfull:

Thanks a lot.
I don't understand well. What do you mean by solo/cue switch?
You mean a device like that turning on and off the cue volume?

To save your devices, you can group the whole thing (armtrick+your instrument), it works here.

Thanks for your comments guys, I'm glad it helped.
Sure, you can contact me, I don't know how to do that on this website...

Great one!